Samson: Kurdistan is looking to receive 300 thousand tourists by Eid al-Adha

11th July 2019

The Tourism Authority in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced on Thursday that more than 150 thousand tourists will receive the province during the first half of this year 2019, noting that the number will rise to 300 thousand tourists in conjunction with the summer vacation and Eid al-Adha.

The spokesman for the Tourism Authority in the province Nader Rustai said in a statement read by the information, “The Commission and within its annual plan, seeking to attract large numbers of tourists to the region in the coming period after the implementation of several tourism projects and the reconstruction and development of other tourism projects.”

“More than 150,000 tourists have visited the region over the past six months and we hope that the number during the summer holidays and Eid al-Adha will reach 300,000,” Rustai said.

“He stressed that “the Tourism Authority and the security authorities in the province continue to provide the necessary services to facilitate the entry of tourist delegations to the provinces of Kurdistan, because it contributes to the recovery of the work of hotels and restaurants and malls and major markets, along with parks and monuments and museums in the Kurdistan region, High rate”.

He explained that “the competent authorities in the region provide facilities in the reception of large numbers of tourism companies and families coming from the south and center of the country to the region, for recreation and enjoy landscapes in the areas of waterfalls and mountains, especially resorts and other tourist and archaeological sites.”   LINK


Samson:  Millions of dollars in “abandoned boat”

2019-07-09 Sky News

US authorities said they found millions of dollars hidden in bags in a boat abandoned by their owners after a chase.

US media reported on Monday that the Coast Guard had observed a boat moving from Puerto Rico towards the Virgin Islands, without any lights.

Authorities explained that they had tracked the boat, which suddenly changed its course and returned to Puerto Rico . When the naval patrols approached the boat, the owners fled. link


Don961:  Federal Reserve Chairman: Back to the gold standard will hurt the economy

10 July 2019 09:57 PM

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said he did not think returning to the gold standard in the US would be a good idea

The gold standard is a financial system that was abandoned in the Depression of the 1930s and the currency is determined in terms of gold, which can be converted to the currency at any time, but Washington continued to allow foreign governments to exchange gold in dollars until the early 1970s

Congress has set two goals for the real economy: maximum employment and price stability,” Powell said during his testimony at the House of Representatives on Wednesday

“If we are mandated by Congress to balance the price of gold in dollars, monetary policy can do that, but other things will fluctuate and we will not care if unemployment rises or falls. This will not be our job anymore.”

“There have been many times in recent history. Gold prices have sent a signal that would be very negative for either of these two targets – the maximum employment and price stability
The Fed chairman noted that no other country was using the gold standard    link

Tony777:  No, No, No!!!  It will hurt the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell & his elite bankers!  (IMO)

Rommy:  Agree, Hey Jerome – the cat is out of the bag.  The federal reserve is not a government institution.  It is a private bank outfit and you and your elite bankster buddies are about to lose your cash cow!  Time to stop ripping off the American taxpayers!

Iobey777:  I think I smell a pole cat in the woodshed!! His words really “stink” and reek of falseness, IMO!! But of course he would say that.. it may take away his bread and butter!!