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Frank26:  We are walking out of the RI and into the RV.

The RV is multi-dimensional with many positions for DRS.

Yet ………. He and They have told us of their surgical steps being taken in a Masterful MR of their currency the IDQ.

Thank God despite the struggles with our forum ………. MONDAY CC will once again help many.

Aloha oi Ohana ……….. \m/  KTFA    Frank
Walkingstick:  Parliament discusses 2016 budget tomorrow and vote on the Martyrs Foundation Law

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} discusses the House of Representatives on Tuesday during its regular 2016 budget, and the vote on the Martyrs Foundation Act.

According to a statement to the House of Representatives received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that “the work of tomorrow agenda will include a vote on the draft Martyrs Foundation Law, and the discussion of the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016 report.”

“We will also be discussing the draft of the First Amendment Law the law of insurance on the personal responsibility of the staff of government departments, the public sector No. {47} for the year 1990 “.

The statement continued,” As will be discussed draft amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure Law No. {23} of 1971, and discuss the work of the Committee of the Regions and governorates not organized province plan. ” Ended h

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Walkingstick:   Abadi, a crackdown on corruption toppled heads influential in Babylon

Ohakma Iraqi court issued sentences against six officials to preserve and transmit the current and former governors to Ganaayat Court.

Governor of Babylon, one of the accused of corruption

BAGHDAD – issued a Criminal Court in Babylon Monday, aggravated prison sentences on six officials in the governorate on corruption charges, including the current and former governors, while the Ministry of Trade for public officials to exempt 9 Grain Trade Company from office announced within the framework of the reform campaign.

The judge said Haider Abdul Zahra head of the resumption of Babylon in a statement, said that “Babylon Criminal Court sentenced aggravated by imprisonment for 3 years against a member of the Board of Babil province after Silverline hilarious crime fraud in accordance with Article 289 of the Penal Code.”

He added that the “integrity Court referred the current governor of Babylon honest meaning of the Royal and former governor, Mohammed al-Masoudi to the criminal court in accordance with Article 340 of the Penal Code.”

The judge also said that he was stopped by the Director of the conservative Hossam Ali Hadi Khalil Abdalkazem just conservative and former member of the provincial council Aqil Abdul Hadi Silawi and Office of the Secretary, on the basis of Article 340 of the Penal Code.

Court investigation and specialized claims tracking Integrity Integrity Commission (government), and the court to conduct a preliminary investigation of corruption before they are forwarded to the competent courts.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi may early August / August decided to prevent officials accused of corruption files from traveling outside the country and bring them to justice, hours after the Iraqi parliament vote on a package of reforms, including “the prosecution of the corrupt.”

Experiencing the provinces of central and southern Iraq demonstrations demanding accountability of corrupt, prompting the elimination for the activation of arrest warrants issued against the officials, backed by influential political parties in the country.

The judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for the Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim, but managed to flee to Kurdistan.

A competent court also sentenced the affairs of corruption and jailed former Minister of Environment Sargon Lazar Salioh two years to convict him of corruption and asked him to pay $ 280 000 dollars.

In the context of what was produced by the reforms launched by al-Abadi and suffer for their implementation package, according to a statement Monday, the Acting Iraqi Minister of Trade exempted nine officials of the General Company for Grain Trade from office.

The statement did not accuse the nine officials who are profiting from departments and silos managers, but said the changes took place “within the framework of the reform plan taking place in the Ministry of Commerce in the appointment of the elements of an efficient, professional and able to assume their responsibilities.”

General Company for Grain Trade is responsible for grain purchases from the world market and farmers Iraqis, including making it one of the largest importers of wheat and rice in the world.