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Clare:  Al-Halbousi: Next Saturday is the date for voting on the budget




Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi announced that next Saturday will be the date for approving the federal budget.


Al-Halbousi told the parliament’s media department, “The budget is in its final touches, and the Finance Committee is ready to hand over the budget today, Thursday, to Parliament.”


He pointed out, “The budget law is important and includes many investment projects that will reflect positively on the service reality.”


He continued, “The Finance Committee amended some items on the budget to serve the state’s view in general, and also to strengthen the role of government institutions in carrying out reforms and governance in some joints.”


Al-Halbousi confirmed, “The budget will be passed next Saturday.”LINK


DeepWoodz:  Imo  Sounds definitive. I like Halbousi and he doesn’t usually mince words. Considering he chaired a meeting today concerning the budget I’d say it’s on.  And not just voted on…..PASSED. We knew that.


Clare: Al-Sudani: Financing the service effort in the 2023 budget will constitute a quantum leap




Today, Thursday, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, chaired a meeting of the service and engineering effort team, during which the report on the progress of implementation and the works carried out in the sites and projects that the team took over in Baghdad and the provinces were discussed.


Al-Sudani listened to a comprehensive presentation of the achievement and implementation rates, as well as the obstacles that delay the completion of the works, and the schedules of quantities related to the projects until May 21, 2023, and directed that obstacles be overcome in all aspects of the work.


The Prime Minister stated that this team and its exceptional style of work constituted a state of hope and a source of pleasure for the citizen, despite the presence of some obstacles, but the outcome was positive by all standards, stressing that the financial financing of the service effort within the 2023 budget will constitute a quantum leap if Invest in the right way and with the right procedures.


Al-Sudani reaffirmed the importance of setting priorities in the implementation of projects, as he directed that priority be given to primary sewage projects in the implementation efforts. Due to the lack of approval of the budget so far, he also directed his sovereignty to resolve the remaining projects, and to prepare for the preparation of the next plan in light of the field survey.


Al-Sudani commended the efforts of all the team’s employees and what they provided during the previous stage, and the good impact they left in the areas where they implemented the projects.   LINK


DeepWoodz:  imo    Yea…thank you IMF. I’d be happy with 3:1.