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Aggiedad77: 6:21 PM EST   Interesting…..just got an update from XE.com that the IQD moved from 1114 to 1113…slow and steady in the right direction.  Aloha    Randy

dinardek :A question for you Randy, or anyone else that cares to share please. In listening to the replay from last nights cc, Frank once again stated that based on what he and teams are currently seeing, they have no choice but to move numbers 3 and 4 into December. Just to make sure my notes are correct, number 3 is DRS being announced “officially” as the head of the CBI once again and number 4 is him raising the value of the IQD, is that correct? Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to answer my somewhat redundant question!

Aggiedad77: Hello dinardek, I must say that you keep pretty good notes….I had to go back to November 9th’s CC notes to confirm what you ask…..but you are essentially right…..#4 is Dr. Shabibi announcing his type of Monetary Reform process that he has selected which in turn tell us the number at which he will start things…..if you look at your notes from the 9th you will see Frank talked of several options for #4….so which one will Dr. Shabibi likely select.    Aloha      Randy