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Frank26:  I want to offer everyone at KTFA all the JOY and HAPPINESS LOVE can bring You and Yours on this holiday of ………. So much Thanksgiving …….. ALOHA !!!

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IMO……Dr. Shabibi isn’t being made to look bad here…..I liken his efforts to that of a parent who has let a child run a bit wild for a while….but then says….OK….enough is enough…..you’ve gotten in trouble with your teachers…..you’ve been sent to the Principal’s Office…..yes indeed….enough is enough…..

Being accused of stealing wasn’t enough…..getting labelled with your former boss as a bad guy wasn’t enough….you had to go and try to run this 50k thing by everyone…..I’ve had it…..let me show you how the Turkey is basted Allak…..

Pay attention to see a real Monetary Reform at work….you lack the ear of the government…..I have that….

You lack the presence of the PM…..I have that…..

You lack the grace of our senior Holy Man…..I have that too…..

Time is limited for you…..your necktie seems a bit tighter today…..why is that…..the people they like me, they respect what I’ve done with their CBI….with their reserves over the years…..how I’ve protected them…..

You….they know you have stolen from him…..they know you lined the pockets of Maliki…..his destiny…..is highly likely to be your destiny……

Me….well I’m ready for some announcements…..let’s let you stew over the weekend and see what next week brings to us…..don’t think of running….it won’t work for Maliki….and it surely won’t work for you…besides you are out of shape.

Watch as this stage unfolds Family…..maybe not today, not tomorrow….but soon….to be played before the entire world….who watches with intent and purpose…..for their future rides upon the ending.  Aloha    Randy


Walkingstick:  Bank deposits and the protection of national wealth

11/26/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan
al-Fawaz, many fear the Daaihm in private banks and even official, and look at the work of these banks in some confusion because of the financial crisis, and the fear of losing liquidity, or falling into bankruptcy department, as well as some fear, especially from owners of large deposits of being accused of money laundering and other of the charges.

This photo cloudy reflect the existence of real and potential problems in the banking file management, and the fragility of the administrative system, which can be financial system protects against manipulation, and protect banks from speculative profit in the currency market work, especially the civil and foreign banks, which Maidao to the existence of effective mechanisms of action and to the deterrent measures to counter money laundering, and follow the work of these banks and Mracbha and put them in the financial state policies.

Many experts accuse the central bank to follow the policies lack of professionalism, the follow-up level, and the level of control, and even give granting banking licenses lack of professionalism and standards of the banking business, which Maani inflation that banks and turn it into hotbeds of smuggling hard currency, but the corruption of receivables, and the confusion of the Iraqi banking business, and the negative impact on local markets.

The status of Governor and strict banking laws, requires insurance actions that will address the crisis facing the sector on the part of, and control over rings banking business, including Maitalq smuggling money abroad, on the other hand, any quest to protect them, and towards maximizing the interest elements of the national capital to move the investment, and to develop the economies of the country ..

Many financial experts and finds that the breadth of the phenomenon of small banks in Iraq has become a a threat to the banking system, and lose a lot of services usefulness, a Maittalb effective measures to prevent giving licenses to open banks limited capital, and work the other hand the integration of many small banks with each other to work on in accordance with the policies of joint stock companies, and to reduce the damage, and cut the road to corrupt traffickers market foreign currency, and researchers for a quick profit outside legal frameworks, as well as anti-money laundering phenomenon, which has become one of the most serious challenges facing the Iraqi banking business.

aside from the principle of transparency demanded by the other, the Iraqi reality and the nature of the risks faced by requiring deterrent measures and policies that can frame the banking type of professional governance, and to pursue a legal challenge through the breaches of the great waste of public money, and attempts to financial mafias and Ahilha in currency smuggling, or cover its legal to profiles suspicious, and to require everyone to work on according to the regulations internationally known and laws.



Aggiedad77:  Interesting…..Latest on the XE.com website

1108.20……..It’s been toying around 1109 all day today.

Aloha   Randy