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Notes by FrostyTheSnowman

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On Saturday night we had over 5,000 people gather for the special cc we did titled “The Eagle Has Landed.”  Thank you for coming.

IMO – I already know what the “internet guru’s” are saying … but we made a decision to share that information with you.

The former Secretary of State of the US told a reporter on CNBC that the military was guarding Iraq’s currency.

We believe that this currency has now moved.  We have verified this, and the lower denoms have left the USA.  Was this info leaked out?  The media is becoming a lot more friendly … because it sells newspapers.

I’ve got to be careful with what I say … but they have moved them.

Please come sit on my blue couch … (meaning in my dreams) … the lower denoms moved last Friday … and I believe they may have traveled to Germany.  In my opinion … they may have used 2 birds … 2 different tarmac’s (for security).

While we were having our cc … intel came in … “the bird is in the air again.” 😉  IMO – the bird landed at its final destination.  IMO the lower denoms are in Iraq now.

Do you remember when Abadi said … “we are 100% secure.”  When you stop and think about that statement … that was a message, (mainly to the IMF, the USA and a bunch of “7’s”) that they are confident and secure to move forward.

I believe the AMENDMENTS to the LAWS (#1) have been done!

This paves the way for the remaining #2, #3 and #4.

If they amended the laws … that is done for a new international rate – otherwise, what was the purpose of changing the 1166 rate?

There is a NEED … there is a change coming!

IMO – the lower denoms are in Iraq … (this is #1 and #2) … only because it’s 100% secure.

On Sunday … and this morning … (come on over to the blue couch again) … Dr. S has these documents under his arms (100’s of them) … against Maliki.

Dr. Shabibi is getting ready to get rid of the so the so-called governor of the CBI (Allac).

Apparently the 100’s of documents will also implicate Allac along with Maliki.  He was a part of the scheme that was played out on a global scale.  Interesting things happen when the power-that-be question the wive(s) of corrupt individuals.  The 2nd wife of Allac squealed like a pig when interrogated.

When Abadi tells you that everything is 100% secure … may I suggest that you believe him.

The lower denoms are in position (IMO) … in March … Iraq made fools of the IMF … so they told Iraq that they were going to get their 50’s and 100’s by the end of this year (2015).

The movement of the LD’s are 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  The new 50’s and 100’s are the brother and sisters of the lower denoms in Iraq.  This will allow the new rate to come forth – because mathematically IT WILL NOT WORK without them.

50’s and 100’s are lower denoms.  It is highly possible (IMO) that these will be the seeds for the coalition forces.  Pretty cool huh?!!! 😉

What is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction (4 levels down) … 1166 on a 50 IQD note would be something like -478.  LOL

USA HISTORY – we used to have higher denom bills too.  But we physically lifted the 3 zeros … (they still have value today).

Today in the USA … our top circulated currency is the $100 USD … which today has HIGHER value. 😉

In 2003 … all of the lower denoms have been sitting here waiting … because we (USA) are in charge.

They will have a 50 and a 100 … which won’t go any higher than that. 😉



Would you consider the LAWS … socks or shoes?


LOWER DENOMS – (shoes)

Which do you put on first?

For the longest time … these have waiting in the LONG LINE … w a i t i n g

The Ayatollah has told them to IMPLEMENT the dog-gone laws!

We have the banks … the permission (IMF) … and laws (international status) … and Iraq is ready to explode in value.

Are the amended laws in that LONG LINE?  NO!

The LAWS are the life givers.

The lower denoms will be given a new rate because they are 100% secure.

So … so we move #3 and #4 into December?

I’ve made a decision with my Teams … no.

All reforms are going to break loose in Iraq … but we don’t know when they will be implemented.

To see the lower denoms travel … (and ordered by the IMF to be released by December 31, 2015) … and the holy men of Iraq are screaming for the laws to be implemented … this is amazing!

I know it’s hard sometimes … (especially if you’re new) … my Intel is yours as a gift – it is not something I shove down you … opinion.

When we told you Saturday night about these files … many wanted “proof” – where are the articles?

Well today we see in the news that Chalibibi revealed his files before his death – he turned those documents over to the Holy Man.

Apparently the files of the years of corruption (during Maliki’s rule) – the documents show the death of public money … trillion of dinars left Iraq … stolen by Maliki.  Parliament is telling us it was a trillion.

The Governor of CBI … (Allac) … will be history.

What’s #3? – Dr. Shabibi announces himself as the official Governor of the CBI.  That’s why he’s getting rid of Allac.

#4 – we’re going to talk about that tonight.

Remember when we told you of a meeting between us and the IMF?

Today we see an article … that a lot of changes are coming because of “REFORMS!” 😉

I don’t want you to get overly excited.  I’m not moving #3 and #4 into December … unless we see the LAWS next week … and if we do … we’ll move #3 and #4 into December.

May you unwrap future articles just as you will Christmas presents based on what I am telling you tonight.

Do you want Dr. Shabibi to come back? 😉

#4 – Dr. Shabibi will announce a monetary reform that he is going to use.
Let’s clarify #4.

In the USA … we are allowed to express our opinion!  Our intel is “well cooked” and my staff knows me very well.  And when I express my opinion … things have been cooked for 3-4 days.

There was a gentleman that I gave a name too … (and I gave him a name – John) … this gentleman spoke to Dr. Shabibi in Washington, DC.  He was invited to sit in the audience to hear Dr. Shabibi speak.  Many (old timers) saw this on video.

This gentleman asked Dr. Shabibi … “when are you planning on increasing the value of your currency?”  Dr. Shabibi after a very long pause (which seemed like a minute) … he deflected the question saying something about security.  About a year ago John became friends with Dr. Shabibi on social media.  He recently asked him the same question … and Dr. Shabibi’s answer was when then have security in Iraq.

We still don’t know WHEN these events will occur … but we see the development of the monetary reform occur before our eyes.

So … let’s talk about #4.

For those of you who dislike me … you have to give honor and credit to what we bring to you.   Take all of what I say to you to God in prayer.  Soon you will not have to listen to me.  But for now … take me serious.

So, what monetary reform will Dr. Shabibi take?

IMO – if he doesn’t do something within the 1st quarter of 2016 … Iraq will be bankrupt.

They have no money … no liquidity … we haven’t given them any money for ½ a year.  What good will the lower denoms do at 1166?

If they don’t do the monetary reform … then their currency could LOP.  In other words, they removed the zeros in the wrong directions and they LOPPED them over the wrong way.  That would be very dangerous.

Remember … all we’ve seen over the last 4th months (since July) is evidence that they will INCREASE the value.  If they don’t increase the value in the 1st quarter of 2016 … the country will go bankrupt and the currency will LOP.

How much is one Iraqi Dinar?  If you had 1 IQD in your right hand … tell me … what do you have (USD) in your left hand?  It’s about 9/10 of a penny.  That’s it.

What if Dr. Shabibi decided to take that up to 10 cents?  So if you have 1 dinar in your right hand … and in your left hand (if Dr. Shabibi decided to give you 10 cents … what would every MILLION be worth to you?  About $10,000.

What if Dr. Shabibi did 20 cents?  That’s about $20,000 for every one MILLION IQD.

What if he did 30 cents?  That’s about $30,000 for every one MILLION IQD.

What if he did it at 50 cents … that would be about $50,000 USD.

What if he took the exchange rate (.0008579 – or whatever it is right now) … and he took the 3 zeros off of that?  In that case, if you had 1 dinar in your right hand … in your left hand Dr. Shabibi would give you .86 cents USD.

You mean if I had ONE MILLION IQD in my right hand … I’d have $860,000 USD in my left hand.  Yes, that’s if he does that.

What happens if he decided to make it 1 to 1?  Because if you think about it … right now the USD is stupid.  It’s 99.26 today.  How is that possible – with our economy?

Well, it’s certainly service a purpose … it’s trying to reach a 1 … because then the IQD at 1166 could remove 166 … and make their exchange rate 1.00 – then their currency would be one-to-one. 😉

So in that case if you had ONE MILLION IQD in your right hand … you would have ONE MILLION USD in your left hand.

What if Dr. Shabibi doesn’t want to do 1 to 1?  What if he wants to put it out in the market … to “free-floats” the currency?  He could – and probably a very good idea.  If he puts it out in the market that means our brokers and you and I could exchange it … and stocks could trade with it … that would create stability.

IMO … if they did that, it would not stay at one-to-one … it could climb to $2 … $3 … etc.  There is a great hunger for people to use the IQD.

The CBI has told the world that they are in the process of lifting the value to their currency.

Are other currencies doing that?  “Hey Bo-Bo (imitating Yogi the Bear)… that would be called a “picnic basket.”  That is why Frank will only sell you certain currencies … that are in the same basket. 😉

If it “free-floats” — and goes from 10 cents to 30 cents to $1 to $3 … they could control it … “controlled free float” … (the IMF and the CBI would control it).

If they let it go into the market “uncontrolled” that could be rather dangerous – which I don’t think Dr. S will do.

I don’t believe there are any other options.

The lower denoms can only function with a rate WITHOUT ZEROS!

If they keep the rate at 1166 – there is no reason to have the 50 and 100 … (demanded by the IMF by the end of the year)  😉  This is why Delta and I are both right … look at your notes. 😉

Is it logical to put on your shoes … before your socks?

Yes – (IMO) the Eagle Has Landed in Iraq!

No – (IMO) I don’t see the Laws implemented in December.

The IMF is demanding that these things get done!

I am looking for the implementation of the LAWS … it’s only logical … isn’t that right IMF? 😉
We need to see these laws … that is the next step in the monetary reform … because it is demanded of them.

Like I said Saturday night … we are in charge of this country … but they are in control of the monetary reform.

BTW — they are pricing goods … they are pricing good for crying out loud! 😉

Teams say … the borders are ready to go too! 😉

Real quick … let’s talk about the Iranian Rial … (IMO) – this is a currency from a currency that is under sanctions … but IMO will not take as much time because they have a government that is already established.  The Rial belongs to a country that will have nuclear weapons.  IMO – I think the Rial could do very well.

From my newspaper there is a section called “Behind the News” – it says that Iran’s long time mantra of “death to America” is losing its appeal.  That’s right.  Why?  Because they need to make money with us, and they have nuclear weapons.

They are about to make a lot of stinkin’ money and they know it.

They are just like Iraq … caged under sanctions for 30 to 40 years … and at first they may be cautious … but once they understand their “freedoms” … it will run! 😉

Iran is not a war-torn country … they already have a government.

Hope you enjoyed your cc.

CC ended in prayer.

IMO – Maliki is going to the gallows … and we won’t see the laws implemented until he does.