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Notes from Wednesday 11-11-2015 by aggiedad77/Randy

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Frank26: Family the last time I was with you I made a mistake.  When you stop and think about the plethora, the waterfall of stuff we give to you every time we get together, it is always thought after thought, one more thing, one more thing.

The avalanche of stuff, the waterfall of information, but when I make a mistake like I did last night, I come to you and tell you of them so you can correct those mistakes and amend your notes.

What are those mistakes, well to tell you the truth I think we will mention them as we go along.

One that I will tell you now, when we talked of math last night, when I said if you had an Iraqi dinar in your right hand what would you have in your left hand, 9/10’s of one cent.  But if you had and IQD worth 10 cents what would you have in your left, I said $10,000, but that was a mistake you would have $100,000 and if you had an IQD worth 20 cents in your right hand, you would have $200,000 in your left hand.  I forgot to add an extra zero.  My apologies.  Let’s make sure we get that correct.  That is number one.

Number two, the other mistake I made or said to you was that Iraq has reinstated its currency that they have RI’ed, no in my deepest apologies, no they have not reinstated or RI’ed.

Now on that same subject I wish to extend further apologies and this is the third one.  We’ve been together for 8 years, and in those 8 years it was just last year that we started to talk about an RI.

We’ve been studying and the RI I told you is a reinstatement, and that is true by the way, it is called a reinstatement.  But the problem with an RI is that we said in our studies together they are going to reinstate the value.

What was it before, ok we said it was $3.22.  So Family we are looking for them to reinstate/RI their currency to $3.22, but no, in fact not that, and this may blow you out of the water.  An RI has nothing to do with the exchange rate of a country’s currency.

Please accept my apologies that for almost a year I’ve been telling you they are going to reinstate the value….the old value…..it has nothing to do with the value or the exchange rate.  It has nothing to do with the rate, we will talk more on this tonight.

Ok, now I think I have said what I wanted to say, so let’s move on.

So is it an RD, is it a redenominate, this is so tricky that I could slip on ice and crack my head on this.  Would it upset you Family if I said they are doing through an RD and yet they are not going through an RD at this time.

Understand we are not economic majors here, we are not summa cum laude of economics, we are learning together.  When a country redenominates its currency they are preparing the currency to be introduced differently.

But what happens when you get to a corner, you can turn left or the right.  So we have finally gotten to the redenomination of the Iraqi currency, but do you know you can redenominate to the right, or to the left?

What is Frank talking about?  If you want to take the redenomination of a country’s currency down the toilet, that is called a LOP.  We talked about that last night and on Monday night in depth.

I wish I could just see what you guys are saying and we could learn together with me answering your questions.

Look, what I’m trying to tell you they are going through a monetary reform.  The redenomination of their currency, either decreasing or increasing the value…the decrease would be a LOP….but none of the evidence is saying that, nothing for years has told us they are going in this direction…it proves they are increasing things the other direction to lift the value of their currency.  Why?

It mainly proves that when the lower denoms were printed back in 2003 when Delarue was commissioned, they were commissioned by the IMF to print the currency that I told you IMO has landed in Iraq and just joined the 50’s and 100’s in Iraq.

So did we get that straight, are we ok with that, do you understand the redenomination?  This is a redenomination to raise the value of the currency.

So what is the next step?  The reinstatement of the currency.  Ok Frank you said you are sorry, but if you are going to reinstate the currency what does that mean?  You need to understand to reinstate the currency you must first establish in your head it has nothing to do with the exchange rate.

When they RI they can RI at 1166…that’s a fact…..they can RI their currency….not the value of the currency….they are going to reinstate their currency.

We’ve been studying this wrong as have many gurus.  So how do you reinstate a currency?  There are a lot of ways to reinstate a currency.  You see, to RI a currency is to simply put the currency in a position to put the currency in an international status usage, even at 1166.

They tried this, remember the bonds, they have tried to in other ways too, but everything has failed.  The only thing they have that will succeed is to take it past the RI, to revalue/RV the currency.

We talked about all this on Monday, all the options, 10 cents, 20 cents, 1 to 1, controlled floating, remember picnic baskets Booboo.  They are in the process of reinstatement of their currency because they have the laws, security, banks, technology, everything….they have all the stuff they need to walk into the…..drum roll…..the IMF Article 8….what is the Article 8…..an increase in the value of their currency and poised for international use….the electronics, security, the banks.

Monetary reform, we are in the reinstatement of the currency….and….you said you made a mistake that it is not done….but really it is almost done isn’t it.  Yes that is true.

Remember when I told you the borders were opened….remember when I told you they are pricing their goods…those two actions alone IMO qualify them for an RI….so what I said yesterday wasn’t all that wrong was it.

But technically I am, that is why I am being calm cool and collected so you can understand this process because we are about to finish the RI and walk into the RV. 

The RI is a lot of things to be qualified for Article 8.  Dr. Shabibi you are back….Dr. Shabibi what process will you utilize to revalue your currency.

I pray to God that I was able to bring this to you in a much better format.

The last time we were together, the last thing I said to you, before Aloha…..dessert on top of dessert, just after the prayer….I got quiet and said…..Family you won’t see anything until Maliki goes to the gallows….but Frank you said we need these laws implemented…..but we will not see this until Maliki goes to the gallows.

What we have though is not for you.  If you look back last year of September of last year, even back into the first quarter of last year we talked about the Lone Ranger and his silver bullets.  If you are new you won’t understand, but you will catch up.  The old timers understand.

The US cannot go in there and remove Maliki just like we couldn’t remove Saddam….we are infidels to these people….they are hypocritical to us, they try to make us think they need us….but….go and ask Germany, Vietnam, Korea….once we have been in, we don’t leave.  Maliki has been doing some bad things since Obama took our troops were ready.

See back in 2012 when he took us out, he didn’t do enough to keep our troops there protected, he didn’t “attack” the SOFA agreement effectively to get us in there, he’s took weak to have done that.

I’m going to start tonight with reiterating that we won’t see anything until Maliki goes to the gallows…..and his little buddy, the guy that lacks a lot of brains….Allak….we won’t see the laws, the LD’s and more…..until they are taken care of.

Yesterday I did something with Randy, remember I have a neighbor, a big guy who is a painful neighbor, I’ve talked to his wife, the other neighbors, even my wife.  I suppose I could punch him in his nose, but Randy you have training, you know Martial Arts, could you come over and kick his butt?  Would yo do that for me, please?  With that scenario go back to your notes and add that to, Maliki has become a tyrant stealing everything, I’m believe the Lone Ranger is going to show up with his silver bullets and take care of things….but he can’t.

When the new coalition of forces showed up it was so the ME countries could take credit.  The second coalition of forces has many ME countries in it because they need to look good in the clean up, the security, the monetary reforms….reforms….yes….it’s not just Iraq going through monetary reforms….do you know what today’s date is?

So we get information that I can’t share with you…but I did….I think we are going to see this very soon….maybe this week….at the latest next week.  But the Iraqis are afraid of Maliki….he can get rid of so many and not think about it.  They have photos of him doing just this.  So will the Lone Ranger strike again….Hi Ho Silver.

The Warka Bank was invited to participate in the CBI currency auctions….this is big because the Warka Bank was established by so many men and women from international countries…..they continue to get banks set up.  I still don’t think we will see things until Maliki and Allak are taken care of…..to see Warka in this process this is wonderful thought…..light bulbs should be flashing on….wonderful.

They continue to do many things….love they don’t use anything but their own currency now…..the CBI….has this stated…..you should see the mountains of things in front of me……the CBI says today…you banks…..four banks…really all banks…..in Arabic….you banks…..licensed banks…..don’t be using the USD….STOP….we’ve told you a month ago….STOP.

Maliki’s arrest warrant was put out over a month ago, but no one has done it…..too many are afraid for themselves and their families.

The USD is not being used in Iraq…only been 3 or 4 months that it has not been used….it is HUGE….it had been their weapon…..so what do they use now….their own….they are going through an RI…..pricing goods….using their own currency to march into Article 8….so they can march into an RV.

This feels like standing on the edge of a cliff with my arms out, my head down, on my tiptoes….if I breath I will fall.

The IQD is not pegged to the USD….pegged to the SDR basket….remember that picnic basket Booboo….yes Yogi…..the USD is in that basket….so if they peg to the basket aren’t they really pegging back to the USD…..yes sir…..they use no other currency in the basket….over and over again they have used the pacifier dollar.  Those of us in the same basket….I wonder when the Internet is going to see that.

This is my opinion….when we see #4, Dr. Shabibi telling you the monetary process he will use, I really be the logical thing is to come out low….why come out high, where is your margin of error, where is your growth factor….why come out and put all your money on one roll of the dice….in my strongest opinion…..Dr. Shabibi will come out at a low rate.

I’ve told you Family to think about it to exchange your currency….don’t run to the banks….please give it time…maybe even a few weeks….even 8 years ago….logic says you will start out at the first steps and watch it go upward.

IMO….I will wait 7-10 days….you will miss me when I’m gone.  But you need me now and I’m trying to tell you….don’t rush to exchange….and again, we are in the process of the RI of the monetary reform of the IQD…..the redenomination is old news…..we know which direction we going with this currency…..the RI only deals with getting yourself in position to sprint off the blocks….to sprint into a revalue…..Article 8 qualified…..the RI is to reestablish the IQD at an international level and international usage.

IMO….a few days ago Dr. Shabibi reviewed the corrupt files before sending them to the GOI and they all came to the same consensus…..silver bullets.

My concern right now is that you understand the steps we are in with the monetary reform….we are past the redenomination of it….we walk into the reinstatement of it….to a value of what….maybe 10 cents, 20 cents…that is what I call a low value….any other way would not be prudent…..it would not be a normal call for action….but we have way too much evidence that there is…..I want to tell you something else…..that I take the blame for….because my brother Delta….because I approved this….therefore it is my fault.

There is so much to tell you….back in 2012…..it was March…..Dr. Shabibi was inches away from lifting the value of the currency….it was at that time that Maliki started to accuse him….then around September that Dr. Shabibi had to run from the CBI….but back at the beginning of that year…Maliki started to steal so much…wait til you see what Maliki was capable of doing to another group of people….

in March of 2012…..Dr. Shabibi….says….according to our research we will issue a new bank note valued at 50,000 dinars….equal to $43 USD…but it will be marked as a 50 IQD…..remember this.

It says there will be a 50,000 IQD note….yet it also says it will be marked as a 50 IQD note….what they are saying is they will take a 50,000 IQD note worth $43 USD…that is not even 1166….see Dr. Shabibi’s thinking back then……says…the CBI will issue a new bank note 50,000 IQD…worth $43 dollars…..1 to 1 ratio….but you will mark it as a 50 IQD…..it is our opinion  that these are 2 completely different topics mixed together to confuse.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we have a CC and then on Friday Team chat…..here is what I have to say….we believe there is a 50,000 IQD note coming out…..do you know why…..so the citizens can turn in their 000’s…we believe the 50,000 is real and worth a 1 to 1 ratio….becuase they are releasing a 50 and 100 IQD note….our broker has not seen these new notes.

We believe these 50,000 notes are like a sponge, absorbing the rest of the 000’s that are in the streets….rather brilliant….but it will only have a value of a 50 IQD note….because when it is finished…..then the 50 and 100 IQD notes will be brought out.  I study the monetary reform…we share with you…..when I make a mistake I apologize that my math is wrong that my definition of an RI was wrong but I think we are straight and we can move on.

They are redenominating…but they aren’t…..they are increasing not LOPPING anything….oh boy…..the monetary reform is moving and flowing….did you see the rate of the IQD today….on XE or forex….is should be 1166…..on Monday we told you we saw from 1166 to 1120….today we see it now as 1086….they are about ready to get this to 1000….no wonder Frank is saying it will come out…..the 50k may come out…working as a sponge to bring in the 000’s…..so the 50’s and 100’s….the LD’s can come forward….at a new rate so they don’t use them as a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of fraction.

Last night we left off with Maliki, Allak, the 50’s, the 100’s…..so today we see…wink, wink….we see they are issuing the 50’s…..the CBI is issuing the 50’s…..maybe there won’t be any 50k’s…..but you knew that…..what else from today……corruption topples the largest plan for economic development within Iraq…..listen to the rest of it…..be excited…..to make the dollar to equivalent to the dinar….1 to 1 is low….and will explode….within….IMO….7 to 10 days…..

Take your time though….let others make the first mistakes….walk slowly to see the speed…..remember what I showed you from 2012…almost the same words from Dr. Shabibi you see again today in 2015…from who….Dr. Shabibi…3 and 4 are coming.
So  these were all CBI articles with Dr. Shabibi’s voice…..again…with Allak to be removed…with Dr. Shabibi announcing to the world that he is the governor of the CBI.

It is the fact that the files that came from Chalabi to the Holy Man then to Dr. Shabibi and then to the GOI….the CBI is the organizing the evidence against Maliki….we won’t see much of anything until he is gone….once he is gone…right behind that the RI…and following that…IMO…the RV…..yes I believe that or I wouldn’t be saying these things.

So no LD’s, no Dr. Shabibi, no increase in value, no laws…until Maliki and Allak are gone…..the CBI is taking action….meanwhile the Parliament has completed its own first reading of the 2016 budget….fast and historical….meaningful for their reforms…..if they get a second reading….it will put Dr. Shabibi’s desire to lift the 000’s in harmony with the first of the year.

Meanwhile the governor of the CBI says they will try again to sell both….the international and domestic bonds….maybe it will work this time because of timing…..7 trillion bonds…..5 trillion domestic and 2 trillion international….the CBI expects to reach their foreign currency reserves of 60 billion dollars…..and we said as a team….what….that is it?  Your foreign reserves are only 60 billion…..what did you do reduce the salaries….bravo….using your currency only….less any other foreign currency.

Meanwhile the CBI says to all licensed banks….STOP using USD…and exchange companies….STOP processing the USD….stop it…..in reality it was a second warning to all banks….if they don’t do this they will not be a part of the new currency….their share…..Dr. Shabibi’s footprint if all over this….there is more to this….in their documentation they go into why they are not using the USD….blaming Maliki and his regime.

Meanwhile Hollywood releases the James Bond movie as the CBI brags about releasing bonds….why do this a second time…..there won’t be a need for a third time….we’ve told you we control the monetary reform….they simply control the date of the reform.

I still have so much to cover but it is getting late…..more on Maliki….the media…..files…..a float….Zimbawie…..they have a national currency….they have to RI…..they don’t have a government….does Iraq have an international currency….no….neither does Zimbawie….but there is a difference….Zimbawie doesn’t have a chance….but the IQD is under the Marshall Plan….so that is what I don’t sell the Zimbawie currency.

I suppose I will talk to you more tomorrow…..tomorrow I will bring in Dr. Garland to talk……back and forth….in sort of a medical way about vitamins and minerals…..maybe every Thursday….to teach you about his products.

One more thing…..don’t I do this…..meanwhile Parliament said the Investment Law would give the Iraq 2016 budget a 15% increase in revenue….telegraphing….that is what that is called

I want to talk to you about the 50k, I don’t think it will come out….to scare the citizens…but by saying it has a value of $43 it is a 1 to 1 ratio as Dr. Shabibi said in 2012…..the 50k will be brown in color, with a waterfall….65mm by 156mm in length…but we don’t see it…my teams see the LD’s…..

I’m excited about seeing the 50’s and 100’s join the LD’s.

Leaving you with one more thing…..what is January 1, 2016….Friday…..we don’t see the 50k’s….we are glad because we see the LD’s……remember that date though….the answer is a Friday…..so it is exactly what Dr. Shabibi is looking for.

Ended in a prayer.