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Samson:  The Start Of The Extraordinary Parliament Session Headed By Al-Halbousi

23rd July, 2022

Today, Saturday, the House of Representatives held its extraordinary session, headed by Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi

The Media Department of the House of Representatives stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that Al-Halbousi opened the work of the parliament session for the second legislative term, noting that the number of parliament members present at the session amounted to 242 deputies

He pointed out that the Speaker of Parliament welcomed the presence of Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein and Defense Minister Jumaa Inad, Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah and Deputy Commander of Joint Operations Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Al Shammari  LINK


Sir:  IMO-The Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc and the PKK rats are the problem and have been for a few decades. They have been running the Kurdistan area like a rogue country. Foreign deals ( illegal oil contracts) among countless other shady deals. They were giving a choice to be a part of the the New Iraq and they chose poorly. Now they pull a FF (false flag) to bring national attention and blame the Turkish for the FF. They are getting their butts handed to them from the Turkish and Iraq in their strong hold. They have lost their control on the oil fields and they are in a no win situation. So now they are crying to the international community and Iraq government, this is good because now they will bring exposure to themselves for all too see. IMO “Zero hour is in full swing”

Tivon:  The same ole playbook. Redundancy in the attempt to presume no one will notice this tired tactic when you have been stripped of power resorting to chaos to shift it back in your favor at the expense of another country to regain control is peak stupidity for the simple fact of what you mentioned when an opportunity was presented but denied and now resorting to framing and blaming to save face when all you had to do was play ball is now backfiring marvelously. That’s why I am happy the Federal Court stepped in and made them sign over those contracts to Baghdad. We are witnessing the changing of the guard on a biblical scale never seen before or expected in such fashion is a beautiful thing to be alive to witness corruption be called to the floor bare of all its garments. IMO


Parliamentary Integrity Challenges Government Contracts And Agreements  LINK

AshlyD:  Yep the lies they tell themselves, and the never ending roadblocks that show up each step of the way. An outsider looking in would say no way Iraq has stability and security they can’t even stop Turkey from shelling Iraqi citizens. What is gonna change this. Not sure anything.

Tivon:  You actually think this is about to stop anything? Once the EFSL was published in the Gazette anything prior to that was the opportunity to disrupt and impede the agenda of the Al-Kazemi cabinet. It’s to late. Game Over. Exit stage left.

There’s nothing they can do at this stage. Especially the oil agreements. Security & Stability in regards to the Monetary Reforms are complete.

Doesn’t matter what military conflicts ensue at this point. Especially after what we just read from the CBI. They gave a solid date of when banks can jump on the new secured transparent international platform. We wouldn’t have got that if it was contingent upon preventing potential random attacks on buildings from opposing forces.

If it was that serious they wouldn’t still have the Green Zone Open 24/7 after the attack. You guys are moved off your square to easily. Ask yourself what did thus attack really stop? What has changed? IMO


AshleyD:  well we wait for the 1st of August, I hope you are smack dab on target Tivon.  I hope Kadzimi does not have to give back his man of the year medal to France. I aint moved off square you forget this is iraqi we are dealing with, the place where smoke and mirrors reigns supreme.  Tivon lets see what happens by the 1st. IMHO!!!!!

Tivon:  Listen that original timeline of August 1st was an ultimatum for the formation of the GOI before the EFSL came into play as a day they would pull out if the GOI was not formed.

Please keep in mind the CBI are the ones who gave banks until August 15th to get on board with the new system. If that system is ready now than I wouldn’t see how we could go past the 1st without seeing a reinstatement.

But if they need all those banks online on the new platform then we also know why we go past that date without seeing a new rate as well. So don’t get so hung up on it because we are getting clear on from the CBI as to what their intentions are. Which is a very good thing because this is a first. IMO

Samson:  Parliamentary Energy praises the role of representatives of state forces in enacting important laws

07/23/2022 15:12:27

Head of the Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee Yahya Al-Ithawi praised, today, Saturday, the role of the representatives of the State Forces Alliance bloc.

Al-Ithawi visited the headquarters of the State Forces Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives, and was received by the coalition representative and member of the Oil and Gas Committee, Ali Shaddad Al-Faris.

A statement, which {Euphrates News} received a copy of, stated that “many axes were discussed during the meeting, most notably issues related to the oil, gas and energy sector in the country and the role of the committee in monitoring the work of institutions operating in this sector.”

It also included “talking about the role played by the representatives of the coalition of state forces in supporting the legislative and oversight process, supporting the work of the Oil and Gas Committee, and emphasizing the legislative role in legislating laws, the most important of which is the Federal Oil and Gas Law and the Law of Agro-environmental Oil Coexistence.”


Tivon:  Where we at people? Tell me what’s going on. Are we getting clear information as to how business in continuing despite the temper tantrums from parliament or recent attacks and bombings?

Do you see how nothing is stopping this plan from plowing through the political blockage that would usually stall or delay things in the past?

Look at what it being done without a seated GOI. How is it still possible to pass important legislation like the Oil & Gas File in the face of so called turmoil in the region?

Security & Stability seems to be working quite well for those looking to actually help the citizens through the EFSL. I don’t see Al-Kazemi missing any steps.

They said they are praising those representatives who are enacting important laws. Did they? Well seems to be of notable importance for sometimes that appears not to be happening that is conducive to the Citizens Entitlements regarding the constitutional paragraph Article 61 Seventh-C that stipulated that Oil belongs to the citizens in all regions. IMO   LINK


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