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Henig:  Al-Sudani reveals the content of 26 meetings held in Munich and stresses: Iraq’s security is a guarantee for the security of the region and the world


2023-02-18 12:50


Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said on Saturday that the security of Iraq is a guarantee of the security and stability of the region, and as a result the security of the world.


He added at the end of his participation in the Munich Security Conference at its 59th session, according to a statement by his office and reported to Shafaq News, “We clarified in the Munich Conference, our reading of the security situation in Iraq and the region, and the emphasis that the security of Iraq is a guarantee for the security and stability of the region, and as a result the security of the world


And we showed the capabilities of our security services and their escalating capabilities in pursuing terrorism and ISIS militants gangs everywhere, and that there is no ISIS on the ground and does not maintain an area, but they are defeated and terrified gangs pursued by our security services everywhere.”


“We explained the importance of cooperation and exchange of information between our security agencies and security services in the countries of the region and the world, and the need to respond to Iraq in the recovery of wanted persons and those accused of terrorism cases, and we stressed an important aspect related to stopping the financing of terrorist gangs, and it has become clear to us through our intelligence that this funding comes from many countries and contributes to increasing the activity of terrorist gangs,” al-Sudani said.


“Within 48 hours, we held about 26 meetings, and we received senior security officials as well as politicians at the level of prime ministers or ministers and international organizations, and we found real understanding and support and agreement with the Iraqi vision for the security and political reading of the region,” the Iraqi prime minister said. Overall, during our participation in the Conference, Iraq’s vision reached these important parties involved. This is a key factor in security and political understandings.”


He pointed out that “his government took into account all the circumstances that Iraq has experienced since 2019, and the accompanying popular rejection of many forms of living, service and economic performance, and we were part of this stage in different locations. It is from these circumstances that the priorities of the government program were formulated, and they were not set arbitrarily, but rather an accurate diagnosis of the aspirations and hopes of the people.”


“When we talk about the priority of fighting poverty, creating jobs, eliminating unemployment, improving services and implementing projects, and combating administrative and financial corruption that threatens development plans and reforming the economy, this is the talk of the street, and it affects the overall life in the country,” al-Sudani said. We found that our priorities have reached the ears of all international bodies, and we are being dealt with and understood in light of these priorities.”


He added by saying, “When we talk to others about financial and administrative corruption, we put in front of them the entitlement to extradition and the recovery of Iraqi funds, and this is their obligation, as most of these countries participate in international conventions and covenants on combating financial and administrative corruption, and when we talk about reforming the economy, there are financial institutions that have experience in delivering information, finding solutions and providing us with proposals to enable us to achieve this reform.”


“Overall, with our prioritization and the response we found, I believe that we have achieved an important goal at the conference, and we have shortened the time that would have been wasted in meetings and correspondence that do not lead to results quickly enough,” he said.


“We found clear understanding and support for our economic reforms, and we showed the participants our intention to reform the financial and banking system, provided that there is flexibility in some measures, as these reforms have been delayed for years and were supposed to be completed within the agreed period in the past two years,” al-Sudani said.


“We need flexibility right now to apply the measures, not to go back to square one,” he said. There is no return to distorted trade, money laundering and smuggling, and we are determined to adopt the correct standards for remittances and clean trade, which reflect Iraq’s seriousness in engaging in the global financial system, and add to it indicators of reliability in dealing with trade.”


The Prime Minister pointed out that “the reforms are accompanied by a social cost, and may be calculated politically that they will harm the government, but in the short term hopefully the citizen will feel their importance, and the international financial institutions in Iraq will see a country that adopts the right standards in the financial and banking system.”


He concluded by saying, “Climate change, environmental impact, water scarcity, increasing the area of desertification, burning gas and its aftermath are all real problems, and they are a serious threat to the situation in Iraq, which we have put on our list of priorities, and was part of the discussions with those we met who expressed readiness to support us in addressing these environmental and climate impacts.   LINK