KTFA Militiaman Evening “It’s Show Time”

KTFA: What will Al-Kazemi have for Biden during his upcoming visit to Washington?


And political analyst Ali Al-Baydar says, in a report that I followed (Baghdad Today), that “the political crisis will certainly be present during Al-Kazemi’s talks with American officials in Washington, but since Al-Kazemi is not a party to this crisis, and the political parties see themselves as greater than the government and its president, he He will present the crisis with all impartiality, and present his observations and proposals for solutions to the American administration.”


Al-Baydar points out, “The Iraqi street has become convinced that the United States is the main responsible for any failure that occurs in Iraq, because it is the one who established the existing political system, and I think that Al-Kazemi should deliver this message to officials in Washington to urge them to intervene, because the patience of the Iraqis has begun.” Running out”.  LINK


Foreign Minister: Iraq’s speech on the work of the General Assembly will deal with the results of the elections and the file of forming the next government


20th September, 2022


Tuesday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that Iraq’s speech on the work of the United Nations General Assembly, which Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will deliver, will address internal issues, including the election results and the file of forming the next government. LINK




On his visit to Washington, Al-Kazemi opens the outstanding Iraqi files


And the political analyst warned that “the internationalization of the Iraqi crisis is possible if the dispute continues and develops into the use of weapons again, as happened previously in the Green Zone and Basra Governorate, and the issue of internationalization is the most prominent thing that world leaders will present to Al-Kazemi, as the international community will not remain idly by regarding what is happening.” in Iraq”.


The axes of the Iraqi crisis are currently summarized in the insistence of the “coordinating framework” forces on resuming parliament sessions and resuming its work in full. It also adheres to electing a president and a prime minister with full powers instead of the current caretaker government headed by Al-Kazemi, and then going towards amending the current election law.  LINK


MilitiaMan:  I bet the flys on the walls will be all a buzzing for key wording in Kahdimi’s speech Friday.


The themes of the government, security, stability, economic reforms, etc., are all on the table. This is show time now.


The presentation in the below video is similar to that of the video they produced when Kahdimi arrived and met in Eygpt. They are well staged in advance and produced professionally.


They are not someone stumbling upstairs, nor with a wind blown little man on the Tarmac to be dissed by another administration on the White House Lawn again.  They are show casing a leader, not an interim fly by night entity.. No!!..


It is like the world knows who is to lead them into the future and the reconstruction of Iraq with all her reforms, government in place and sovereignty in full force globally.


The UN and by extension the USA and Great Britain are key players in helping facilitate the process if need be.


The citizens of Iraq are getting very impatient, just as you and I are. Again, it is show time.. imo


I like where we are and it looks like the final push is upon us.. imo.. A good thing.. ~ MM


Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi leaves Baghdad for New York  19th September, 2022