KTFA Militiaman Friday Afternoon “Prestige Restored”

KTFA: Samson:  Washington congratulates Al-Sudani: The Iraqi people deserve an economic opportunity and an end to corruption

28th October, 2022

The United States congratulated the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, on his government’s gaining the confidence of the Iraqi parliament

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said Washington looks forward to working with the new government to improve services for the Iraqi people and to ensure “a secure, stable, and sovereign Iraq as outlined in our Strategic Framework Agreement


“The Iraqi people deserve an economic opportunity, an end to corruption, and an improvement in public services,” Price said in a statement, expressing the United States’ welcome for the Sudanese Prime Minister’s commitment to placing “weapons under the control of official and legitimate state institutions


The statement reiterated Washington’s readiness to work with the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people to address Iraq’s challenges together, from “improving respect for human rights to addressing climate change and improving economic opportunities for a growing population


Price stressed that “Iraq is a partner with the United States as it moves forward with reforms  LINK


The US State Department congratulated Al-Sudani: The Iraqi people deserve to improve services and put an end to corruption  LINK


MilitiaMan:  The economic opportunities are going to be the internationalism that jump starts the country..

After yesterdays closure of the “Davos in the Sand” meeting in Riyadh, the ME Summit in DUBAI, the virtual meeting with the AMF about the upgrades and connectivity to the world on the BUNA platform coinciding with the vote on the government gaining confidence is not only amazing, it appears to have been all timed accordingly.


The line up that is geared for digital transformation this last few days shows that it is time for Iraq to getter done.. Very exciting times. imo ~ MM


Samson:  The European Union for the Sudanese: We support the implementation of the announced reform program and the fight against corruption


28th October, 2022


Today, Friday, the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, issued a statement regarding the vote of confidence in the new Iraqi government.


Borrell said in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “the European Union congratulates Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani on the successful vote of confidence for his government in the Iraqi parliament.”


He added, “It is a good day for Iraq and for relations between the European Union and Iraq, and an important step towards securing Iraq’s stability and prosperity.” “The European Union looks forward to working closely with the Prime Minister and his government, supporting the implementation of the announced reform programme, and fighting corruption,” Borrell said.


He noted, “In this context, the European Union reiterates its readiness to host the Cooperation Council between the European Union and Iraq at the earliest opportunity.” And Borrell said, “The European Union will continue to support Iraq, including the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Iraq.”  LINK


European Union : Giving confidence to the Sudanese government is an important step towards securing Iraq’s stability and prosperity  LINK


Asia and Digital Finance… Headlines of the Closing Day of “Davos in the Desert” LINK


MilitiaMan:  The EU has already done a currency swap if I recall that correctly Samson? The above meetings in the Desert will all likely have the saem DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION on the MIND..

The EU is not the only supporter for the implementation of announced reform program. All those at the meeting in the Davos in the Sand, the ME Investor Summit and the BUNA Platform all on the back and the same day they voted on the Cabinet and received support from the world with respect for security, stability and sovereignty.


So when the world reacts the way they did this week we now will see the results of the meetings and the vote. Iraq has the worlds attention and the citizens too know and expect their constitutional entitlements.. Looking good.. oh yeah… ~ MM


Samson:  Taif Sami assumes her duties as Minister of Finance


28th October, 2022


Taif Sami took over this morning, Friday, her duties as Minister of Finance in the government of Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani.


The government of Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani won the confidence of Parliament yesterday evening, Thursday, and the candidates for 21 ministries were voted on, and the vote on two ministries was postponed to a later time, and Taif Sami occupies the position of Minister of Finance in the new cabinet line-up.


She was the Acting Minister of Finance in Al-Kazemi’s government, after the parliament’s decision to cancel the assignment of the then Oil Minister, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, to run the ministry by acting instead of the former minister Ali Allawi, who resigned from his position last August.  LINK


MilitiaMan:  We have the Finance Minster all set and ready to get financial work off and running under the new government. Good deal, she will be working in tandem with the Central Bank. What timing… imo ~ MM


Samson:  Al-Amiri to the Sudanese government: I will not compliment you


27th October, 2022


The leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, stressed on Thursday that he would “diagnose” any failure by the new Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani and his government, and “will not be complimenting at the expense of the Iraqi people.”


Al-Amiri said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, after the parliament voted to grant confidence to the Sudanese, his government and his government program, “We congratulate our people for the emergence of the new national government, after a difficult labor marred by many factors of suffering, pain and frustration.”


He added, “While we are very hopeful that the new government will succeed in implementing the vocabulary of its announced curriculum, we express our full readiness to extend a helping hand and help it to proceed on this path,” adding, “We also declare that we will not hesitate for one moment to point out the sites of defects.” We will not be complacent about that at the expense of our people’s interests and true aspirations.”


Al-Amiri stressed, “While we reaffirm the necessity to attach great importance to the service aspect in its various details, and to reconsider the financial, economic and administrative policies of the Iraqi government, we call on it to exert utmost diligence in finding job opportunities for the unemployed, focusing on the disadvantaged classes, and improving the service and living conditions of the most affected and deprived regions and groups.”


Al-Amiri called for “restructuring the foreign relations of the Iraqi state based on the criterion of ensuring the legitimate interests of the Iraqi people, mutual respect for sovereignty, and non-interference in Iraqi affairs or taking Iraq as a starting point to threaten its neighbors. We also reaffirm Iraq’s right to contract under agreements or memoranda of understanding with eastern countries Whether it was a Western mother, in a way that guarantees his higher interests away from placing restrictions or attempts at blackmail.”


He stressed that “it is necessary to reiterate, on this occasion, the inevitability of exerting maximum efforts by the new government and adopting a firm policy to stop the state of financial and administrative corruption, return the looted funds, deter the corrupt, as well as restore the state’s prestige and respect for its security services and government departments, and the rule of law over all without exception.”


The Iraqi parliament held a session this evening, Thursday, during which it voted to grant confidence to the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, and his government ministers, as well as the government curriculum that he presented in the session as a work program.

“Prestige is like honor in that it refers to the perception other countries have of a nation’s worth or value, and the respect it is due.”



MilitiaMan:  The US is not the only country that is looking for Iraq to have her prestige restored.. All the articles Samson has brought today support that the region and the world are supporting Iraq’s reemergence to the Global Stage. She will need all the prestige she can muster.. Her assets have been well documented and are massive in totality. Her prestige should be a very welcome sight to behold.. imo ~ MM