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KTFA: MilitiaMan:   From the articles (see below) we can clearly see there is a desire for the Sadrist, Coordination Frame work,  present government and others to dissolve parliament and the PM has the necessary powers to do so.


Necessary powers or necessary mechanisms are the vehicles used to get dissolution and  the country off and on to early elections.


It is apparently agreed upon by most all parties.  With Kahdimi’s statements today we can see support that dissolution is likely in motion.


An announcement of that should be in very short order, as early elections will need to be called for within 60 days. Also, to note there are very large contracts that have time lines to them.


As we know, too there is a time frame for the BUNA to start clearing the IQD in the second half of 2022. Also, there is support that all banks in Iraq must be in compliance to communicate with the CBI for the new electronic platform by 08/15/2022.


MilitiaMan Cont……Clearing internationally will require compliance with the IMFs Article VIII… WTO, will need to have that as well. Not to mention the ASYCUDA system for taxation will too!!


So, in a nut shell this is happening and fast and under the present government in it’s emergency state. Kahdimi has legislative powers, even if only temporary.. … imo ~ MM


Sunday 31 July 2022


Baghdad  – The extension movement called for the dissolution of parliament.

And she stated in a statement:


We affirm our endeavor to dissolve Parliament and hold early elections in accordance with a fair electoral law through a constitutional amendment that will be submitted to a popular referendum and the formation of an independent Federal Supreme Court.   LINK




Allawi’s coalition calls on regional and international powers to respect the will of the Iraqis to choose the system of government


Allawi’s coalition refused that “state institutions and authorities be a field of conflicts and exchange of messages between the parties to the political crisis,” noting that “the dismantling of the crisis and removing the causes of political tension requires holding a conference for national dialogue between all parties, to agree on acceptable common options, either by proceeding with a session


The House of Representatives to choose a president of the republic and then form the government, or the tendency to dissolve parliament and call for early elections, provided that the solution is preceded by the adoption of a new electoral law and a truly independent commission, with the current government turning into a transitional government that has legislative powers temporarily.  LINK


A new political proposal to end the crisis between the current and the framework  1st April, 2022  Today, Monday, writer and political analyst Ali Al-Baydar proposed a solution to end the political crisis and recent tensions.


Al-Baydar said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “the political solution satisfies the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement, which is to allow the framework to form a government for a period of six months.” “This government’s mission is to hold early elections,” he added.


And he indicated that “with this solution, it will achieve the framework’s desire to form a government, as well as the Sadrist movement’s desire to hold early elections and dissolve parliament.”  LINK


Al-Kazemi calls on Sadr’s supporters to vacate state institutions and sends a message to the leaders


On Monday, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, called on all political forces for a national dialogue by forming a committee that includes their representatives to sit at the dialogue table and draw up a “road map for the solution.”


Al-Kazemi said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, “Iraq is witnessing a great political tension that threatens if wise people do not interfere with dire consequences,” adding:


“While we have taken all “necessary measures” to control the situation, maintain security, and prevent the waste of Iraqi blood, we call on all parties To calm, reduce escalation, to start an initiative for a solution on national bases”.


The Prime Minister called on everyone “not to be drawn into accusations, the language of treason, and to set up hostility and hatred between the Brotherhood in the same country, and to sit at a national dialogue table to reach a political solution to the current crisis, under the roof of Iraqi synergy and the mechanisms of national dialogue.”


Al-Kazemi addressed the demonstrators, saying, “Your message is clear, and your commitment to calm and organization is a duty and appreciated, and it is now time to discuss the mechanisms for launching a reform project agreed upon by the various national parties, and I am sure that in Iraq there is enough rationality and courage to move forward with a project.”


My country is getting the country out of its current crisis.”  LINK






9-04-2022, 15:28


Baghdad-INA     Supreme Judicial Council, Faik Zeidan, published an article regarding the term caretaker and emergency governments.  The following is the text of the article published by the Supreme Judicial Council website and viewed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA):


The indication of a particular phrase on the intent of the constitutional legislator may be explicit so that the possibility of its conflict is excluded, and this phrase is described as being explicit on the intended meaning.


Here it is said that this phrase is apparent in this meaning, so the text that indicates one meaning is described as an explicit text, as it is explicit in this meaning and has no other meaning days until the formation of the new Council of Ministers) as stated in Article (64/Second) of the Constitution (the President of the Republic, upon dissolving the House of Representatives, shall call for general elections in the country within a maximum period of sixty days from the date of the dissolution,


and the Council of Ministers in this case is considered resigned and continues to conduct daaily affairs). In both articles, the intent of the phrase (the Council of Ministers) is to denote the (caretaker government) according to the contextual and customary meaning that reaches the mind of the reader. The same case applies to what is being used in the term (emergency government), and here too there is no explicit text of this name.


Rather, it is stated in Article (61/Ninth) of the Constitution (A- Approval of the declaration of war and a state of emergency by a two-thirds majority, based on a joint request from the President of the Republic and the President of the Republic.


C- The Prime Minister is empowered with the necessary powers that enable him to administer the country’s affairs during the period of declaring war and a state of emergency, and these powers are regulated by law, in a way that does not contradict the constitution)


From this text, the apparent meaning of the phrase (the Prime Minister) mentioned in that article is the indication of the (emergency government) that exercises the powers necessary to manage the affairs of the country during the period of declaring war and the state of emergency, according to the contextual meaning of the sentence and the customary use of this phrase   LINK


Popeye7:  Great analysis, and insight MM… Dinner is about to be served as enacting of Iraq’s currency on the world stage is a foregone conclusion… Timing, timing, timing… God bless you, and thanks again..


MilitiaMan:  Thank you Popeye, it has been an exciting past few days.. The data supports there has been an abundant amount of correlating things that show interconnectivity globally is about to begin.. imo ~ MM


Member: I would like to know who has the authority to deem Al-Kazemi interim, authority? How does the CF have the ability to stonewall and what’s holding up the dissolution of parliament? Thanks in advance. ~ Increase


MilitiaMan:  If I may add my 2 cents.. The Constitution gives the authority for the President and or Prime Minister necessary powers to run the country under war and or emergencies.


Well, the Emergency Food Security Law fits the bill not to mention they have not seated their government for about the last 10 months real close and counting.


The CF (Coordination Framework) is not necessarily stone walling imo, they are exercising their political will in that they believe to be their right to debate, negotiate, save their lives, etc..


The Sadrist movement has done everything they could to get them to the table , while being outside of corruption. Sadr will not have the corrupt in the government. The hold up if there ever was one would be Sadr giving the CF ample time to come on board.


They clearly failed in their efforts and with a noticeable difference in the amount of demonstrators on the CF side of things.. Read Post #145 las thread. Read it closely. Maybe go through this thread. I put together a group of articles that provide links to support my views..


I get the feeling the Kahdimi, has said enough to me that he is already acting as the leader and will continue to do so with legislative powers..  Awesome times now.. imo ~ MM

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