KTFA Militiaman Thursday PM “The Corrupt Are Majorly On Notice”

KTFA: Samson:  The Minister of Oil assumes his duties as the Acting Minister of Finance of Iraq




The Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, began today, Thursday, in addition to his duties as acting Minister of Finance.


He was received by Taif Sami, Undersecretary of the Ministry and a number of general managers, according to a statement issued by the office of Minister Abdul-Jabbar.


The Minister met with the advanced cadre in the Ministry and discussed with them a number of work-related issues


The statement stated that the minister praised the importance of proceeding with the economic reform project initiated by resigned Finance Minister Ali Allawi and the need to proceed with it and to advance the role of the ministry as it is one of the pillars of the Iraqi state, which is responsible for drawing up the state’s public financial policy.


Abdul-Jabbar explained that Ali Allawi was the second person in the Iraqi government, and he was trusted and supported by the Prime Minister and its respect for the scientific and historical position he occupies, as well as for the intellectual and strategic additions that he represented through his participation in cabinet meetings and the deep economic thought that he was trying to include in Government directions and decisions.


Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi assigned Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar with the tasks of managing the Ministry of Finance “temporarily”, after approving the resignation of Finance Minister Ali Allawi.






MilitiaMan:  It is quite clear that Alawi has a good reputation. Was nominated for his position by Kahdimi. His frustration ran deep, as we can see his accomplishments in his speech are many, just as his lack of accomplishments are many too, as his hands were politically tied.


Take note that he goes so far as to say  he was frustrated with the situation and the absence of parliamentary legitimacy.  He also goes on that his ministerial powers were severely restricted. In other words he couldn’t do his job and to support that he even said. “The balancing work on the budget has been completed.


The circumstances prohibited him to execute any serious measure of initiatives. Hence, no exchange rate change just yet.. imo..


Notice the acting Minister above is on board with praising the importance of proceeding with the economic reforms and the need for to proceed with them. Also take notice they are saying the acting guy is only temporarily.


Alawi made a very bold move by what he did and said the other day.. His stance on resignation was and is imo a political stance. He resigned his political position not his possible civil position.


We do know there is public data that he will be publishing from London his reasoning.. In the mean time the corrupt are majorly on notice..


We can see that by the 231 billion dinars that were stolen through the electronic payments.. The tentacles of the octopus are being clipped.


The Judiciary is also on notice. Alawi and Kahdimi are very bright men and love their country. Alawi effectively asked them to be on board. Those that were not on board with the electronic payments were corrupt.


Those Judiciary that may no be on board, well they may have a similar fate, hence the postponement on the dissolution.. They likely went um… We need to talk in chambers.. These guys know who, what, where and when.. imo.. Very interesting times.. In a big way.


Imo, Alawi and his expert on the matter did the right thing and the expert was excited about it.. In a good way.. I will be watching for Alawi’s reasoning out of London.. imo  ~ MM




It has been almost a year since the elections and there is no new government in sight yet.  Our term has been extended due to political issues.  But the government that agreed to serve in it has changed from a government with full powers to a caretaker government.  A day caretaker, almost by definition, has a limited life of a few weeks.


We are now in a situation where our term is a regular government, but our legal and operational status is a caretaker government. It is very frustrating to be in a situation where we know what to do but are unable to do so due to the very limited scope of action and the absence of parliamentary legitimacy. And vice versa also,  we know that some things have to be stopped or modified but we can’t do anything for our restricted lives.


There are very limited actions that the caretaker government can take without legal authority.  Due to the current situation where my ministerial powers are severely restricted, it is almost impossible to launch any serious measures or initiatives.  The balancing work on the budget has been completed.


  1. 2022 has been around for a long time, but it can only be submitted by a government with full powers.






MilitiaMan:  In my opinion Kahdimi will in the end have the “NECESSARY POWERS” (if not already) from Article 64 and then Article 61 of the constitution to complete the economic reforms… imo ~ MM




The text of Allawi’s resignation


Ninth. A. To consent to the declaration of war and the state of emergency by a

two-thirds majority based on a joint request from the President of the

Republic and the Prime Minister.


  1. The Prime Minister shall be delegated the necessary powers which enable

him to manage the affairs of the country during the period of the

declaration of war and the state of emergency. These powers shall be

regulated by a law in a way that does not contradict the Constitution.




Samson:  A source talks about a summit gathering Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Bahrain in Egypt


18th August, 2022


Special sources reported to The Obelisk, 08/18/2022, that preparations are underway for a summit bringing together Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Bahrain in El Alamein, Egypt.


The sources said that the summit brings together Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and Emirati President Mohammed bin Zayed.


According to the sources, the summit also includes the King of Bahrain and the King of Jordan.


The sources indicated that the summit is scheduled to take place on Monday, 22/8.  LINK




MilitiaMan:  Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall in this meeting next Monday?  Interesting place to be having the meeting in Egypt. Some heavy hitters are going to be at the summit.. They all have a basket in common… imo.. ~ MM




“The Second Battle of El Alamein was a turning point in the North African campaign. It ended the long fight for the Western Desert, and was the only great land battle won by the British and Commonwealth forces without direct American participation”..


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