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Samson:  The Federal Court postpones the decision on the case of dissolving Parliament until the thirtieth of this month


17th August, 2022


The Federal Court (the highest judicial authority in Iraq) postponed, on Wednesday, the date for deciding on the claim of dissolving Parliament until the 30th of this August.


Last Wednesday (August 10, 2022), al-Sadr had asked the judicial authorities to dissolve the Iraqi parliament within a maximum period of the end of this week, urging at the same time the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, to set a date for early legislative elections in the country.


The political scene in Iraq has been going through a dangerous turn since supporters of the Sadrist movement led by prominent Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the parliament building in the fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad, and staged a sit-in in protest against Al-Sudani’s nomination for the position of Prime Minister of the next federal government, at first, before the ceiling rose Their demands are to dissolve parliament and hold early elections, after an invitation from their leader al-Sadr.


The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, had called on the leaders of the political forces for a national meeting at the Government Palace, scheduled to be held today, to start a “serious” dialogue, while calling on all parties to “stop the popular and media escalation.”  LINK




MilitiaMan:  If they don’t make one scratch ones head, I don’t else what to say? lol The expert below tell us there has been a dissolution of the House of Representatives and in accordance to Article 64 of the Constitution, thus, “the CoM is considered to be resigned and turns into a management of matters.” He goes on to say that the Minister of Finance is not governed by a legal text and it ” is not governed by a legal text, and it is not considered a resignation in the legal and constitutional sense.” “It is a political position before it is an executive government.” That is telling me there is more to this story. As they the man reveals exciting details about the FM Allawi’s resignation. What is exciting about the details? Are those previous quotes key to his excitement? I am not sure yet. But, there are indicators in the FM speech.. Where lies the good, the bad and really ugly.. imo MM




A legal expert reveals exciting details about Allawi’s resignation: The government has resigned in its entirety


16th August, 2022


The legal expert, Muhammad al-Samarrai, confirmed on Tuesday that the current government is dealing with daily matters following the dissolution of the House of Representatives to itself and in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 64 of the Constitution, which states (The Council of Ministers is considered resigned and turns into a management of matters).


Al-Samarrai said in a Facebook post, which was followed by Mawazine News, that “the submission of the resignation request submitted by the Minister of Finance and approved by the Prime Minister is not governed by a legal text, and it is not considered a resignation in the legal and constitutional sense.


It is a political position before it is an executive government.


He added, “This measure is considered an evasion from performing his temporary duties in managing affairs, because he is basically resigned, and the constitution has laid down on him and his peers in the Council of Ministers a constitutional and legal obligation, which is to remain in his position to go about the daily affairs until the formation of the new government. This behavior can fall under the concept of leaving the position or requesting Exemption from performing constitutional duties at a critical stage in the country, or under any other name except resignation.


Al-Samarrai continued, “There are constitutional obligations and norms that must be adhered to. This resigned government or the caretaker government is charged with a very dangerous mission related to a temporary and transitional phase separating two governments with full powers, and there must be a role of receiving and handing over, especially since there are very serious files that have been dealt with in the current government and must be taken into account.” in the next government or highlight it.


Earlier today, Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, submitted his resignation during the cabinet session.






MilitiaMan:  The next thing is in the FM resignation he has some positive things to say about his accomplishments while in the his political position. He lays them out quite well, imo. (See link below) The man is apparently resigned from politics and not necessarily out of the Finance realm altogether, just yet? That is where the politics and in a legal and constitutional sense may differ (noted above). If the FM can work outside of the politics while yet being in a managerial position sense while waiting for the dissolution or proper seating of the government, could he not help facilitate what needs to be done for the citizens needs like he has been? Maybe not and Sadr having connections could be at play too, as noted in meetings, it was heard he brought some one other than Alawi to IMF meetings of late. More eyes and ears for the corrupt? Again we shall see.. imo ~ MM


“The country’s financial situation is good, our treasury liquidity is good, our foreign exchange levels are very high, the economy as a whole is also well, and the International Monetary expects a growth of 11% this year. ”


” We presented the first publicly marketed local bond issuance with good returns to encourage the flow of savings to new investment tools and start the process of establishing markets for government securities. ”


“We have started a comprehensive plan to automate the financial management of the entire country.  This has been the IFMIS program that has been postponed since 2005.  It is being implemented in cooperation with the World Bank, which will revolutionize public financial management.  We launched the full automation of the customs authority by signing an agreement with UNCTAD to publish the globally recognized ASYCUDA system for the management of the customs machine.  We completed the request for final proposals for a new system to reform the tax system of the Tax Authority with the help of the World Bank.”


“On the international level, our relationship on the economic level with international development agencies, the seven major industrial countries, China and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is excellent.”




MilitiaMan:  Then there is the fact that there is the Bad and Ugly.. Is there more to come from the integrity commission? The FM (Finance Minister) statements below may hold clues. A dissolution of the HOR (House of Representatives) hangs in the balance and a lot is at stake.. be sure.. We shall see how it pans out. Sadr and K seem to want change, so do the citizens. Corruption has to end. Lets see action Integrity and Judges.. Be for the people not against. imo..MM




However, it is very difficult to make major economic changes and reforms on a continuous and sustainable basis in light of the political economy context.  I must admit that I did not foresee the appalling deterioration in the standards of governance in our country over the fifteen years past.


  1. Almost everything is conspiring to thwart real change and bribe the leaders with corrupt practices that destroy the moral and material foundations of the country. On the issues of electronic payment corruption for me is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was not a rare case, but it clearly reflected to all parties the extent of the imbalance in the system. It crystallized the degree to which the status of the state deteriorated and became a puppet of special interests.


The matter is now with the judiciary and its investigations after the ministry has made its observations, so I can’t comment on it, but it does raise a whole host of questions about how to make the right decisions that affect millions of people and vital state institutions in the public interest.


Extensive clandestine networks of high-ranking officials, businessmen, politicians and state employees are working in the shadows to control entire sectors of the economy, withdrawing billions of dollars from the public treasury.  These networks include major political parties, parliamentary immunity, the arming of the law, and even foreign powers.


And it maintains the silence of the secretaries’ officials because of fear and threat of force.  This massive octopus of corruption and deception has reached every sector of the state’s economy and institutions and must be dismantled at any cost if this country is destined to survive.  Here, I hope that the investigative judges in the Ishtar Gate case will follow the threads wherever they go to be a good gesture to restore confidence in the system.


Prime Minister, it makes no sense to talk about “corruption” as a shorthand for the problems of the economy, as it is the end result of the process and not the beginning.  It can be described as cancer that can kill the body, but it spread due to the weakness of the body, the weak immune system, the absence of prevention, and the neglect of pelagic measures.  Corruption thrives in Iraq because the system tolerates it and allows it to thrive and grow.  Addressing corruption is insufficient by increasing the rhetoric against it, establishing more investigative bodies and introducing more punitive measures.






Integrity reveals the details of an important case that will be announced for the first time


08/10/2022 11:12:54

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