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Clare: The regional government announces reaching a preliminary agreement with Baghdad regarding the oil file




On Friday, the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that it had reached a preliminary agreement with Baghdad regarding the oil file, while indicating that the talks would resume next Monday.


The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s representative in Baghdad, Fares Issa, said in a statement to the media affiliated with the Presidency of the Government, followed by “NAS” (February 24, 2023), that “the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will visit Baghdad on Monday (February 27, 2023), and will remain until the next day.” Thursday to continue the talks.


Issa confirmed, “The government delegation will meet with the Iraqi Oil Ministry, and a preliminary agreement has been reached regarding the oil and gas law,” adding that “the previous meetings were very positive and reached a solution.”  LINK


Wells Fargo to Launch Digital Platform for Wealth Management –


Wells Fargo is preparing to launch a digital platform offering clients tools for wealth management.


The new LifeSync, which will be available to select clients of the bank’s Wealth and Investment Management (WIM) division at the end of March, will provide real-time progress on goals, track key financial metrics, deliver relevant content and provide a connection to a financial advisor, Wells Fargo said in a Wednesday (Feb. 22) press release.


“With LifeSync we’ve created another innovative user experience in the Wells Fargo Mobile app, offering one cohesive approach to goal tracking for clients — regardless of their level of wealth or stage in life,” Michelle Moore, head of Consumer and WIM Digital at Wells Fargo, said in the release.


Consumers are increasingly using digital channels for their wealth management needs.


Bank of America reported in August that it’s experiencing a record increase in digital engagement by Merrill and Private Bank clients, with 82% of wealth management clients now digitally active.


Also, there was a 59% year-over-year increase in the number of financial planning reports run for Merrill clients, Bank of America said at the time.


In January, consumer data platform GoLogiq and financial services platform GammaRey merged to access the high-growth Generation Z and millennial wealth management market.


The companies said at the time that their combined forces will help them provide services to younger consumers who have seen their assets rise from $2.9 trillion to $3.6 trillion.


Wells Fargo said in its press release that it has found that four out of five Gen Z and millennial investors are comfortable using mobile devices for investing.


Among the metrics available through the bank’s LifeSync are net worth, portfolio performance, market indices, FICO scores and credit card balances, according to the release.


Read full article here:   https://www.pymnts.com/news/digital-banking/2023/wells-fargo-launch-digital-platform-wealth-management/