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KTFA: Samson:  Putin: Western sanctions threaten the whole world and it is impossible to isolate Russia


7th September, 2022


Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed, on Wednesday, that the fever of Western sanctions poses a threat to the whole world, considering that the United States has undermined the foundations of the global economic order.


Putin said in statements during his speech at the plenary session of the seventh edition of the Eastern Economic Forum in the city of Vladivostok in the far east of Russia, which was reviewed by “Al-Naeem News”. “The Corona pandemic has been replaced by other challenges that threaten the whole world. We are talking about the (Western) sanctions fever.”


Putin noted that inflation in Russia is declining. According to the results of this year, it will be at 12 percent, adding that Russia is almost the only country in the world capable of meeting its needs of natural resources.


Putin continued: “The economic situation in Russia has stabilized. But difficulties still exist, especially with regard to supplies from abroad,” he said, adding: “It is impossible to isolate Russia, and it is enough just to look at the map.” He noted that one of the reasons for the closure of companies in Europe is severing trade relations with Russia, saying: “Europeans continue to act as colonialists and continue to deceive poor countries.”


Putin added: “Western countries will enter into an economic crisis. And social because it only cares about the interests of the rich. Perhaps it is worth stopping the export of grain from Ukraine to rich countries. I will consult with Turkish President Erdogan on this issue.”


The Russian President indicated that it will be used. The Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan in gas payments with China in equal proportions, stressing that the Asian economies. It is growing faster than western economies.


The forum attracts more than 4,000 participants from more than 60 countries, and Moscow says it is an effective platform for exchanging views and experiences between policy makers, officials and business representatives from around the world.   LINK


DoTalktoMe:  Putin, Russia and China have made an agreement for all trading between these two countries to only use there own currency and no longer use the USD. They are encouraging other countries to do likewise. (thumbs up)




Samson:  ‘You will pay for it in rubles’.. Myanmar begins buying Russian oil products


7th September, 2022


On Wednesday, Myanmar began buying Russian oil products, which in a few days will receive the first supply of diesel fuel, and will pay for the shipments  in Russian rubles.


Myanmar Prime Minister Min Aung Klein said in a press statement, which was followed by “Al-Naeem News”, that “the supply of oil products from Russia to Myanmar is already being implemented successfully. In a few days we will receive the first supply of diesel fuel from Russia.”


He continued, “As for the payment system, it will be according to what the Russian side proposes, and this greatly simplifies our task. Because in other currencies, there are many restrictions on receiving and transferring,” noting that “it is better for Myanmar to pay for Russian energy resources. Which you will buy in rubles.”


And in late April, an Italian official announced that his country would not pay for Russian gas in rubles. Pointing out that Italy is among the countries that are preparing themselves to dispense with Russian gas.


Italian Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Benedetto Della Vidova, said in a media statement, which was followed by “Al-Naeem News”, that “his country will not pay for Russian gas in rubles,” noting that “it was an attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin. But we confronted it.”


He added, “Italy is among the countries organizing themselves to dispense with Russian gas. We are looking for other sources of supply, and we have to speed up the renewable energy projects that are waiting for licenses and can start immediately.”  LINK




Samson:  An Asian country announces an alternative to the US dollar


7th September, 2022


Myanmar’s head of state indicated what could be used to stave off the threat the US dollar poses to international trade.


Min Aung Hlain said in his speech to the Eastern Economic Forum, which is holding its seventh meeting in the Russian city of Vladivostok, which was reviewed by Al-Naeem News. The major countries practice a “dollar intimidation policy,” and he believes that this danger can be warded off by using other currencies, especially the Russian, Chinese and Indian currency, to settle payments resulting from trade exchanges between countries.

The dollar can also be dispensed with by exchanging one commodity for another directly, according to the Myanmar head of state.


Myanmar is officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Also known as Burma or Brahmadesh, it is a country located in Southeast Asia.


The US dollar (sign: $, symbol: USD) is the official currency of the United States and its dependencies. The US dollar was issued under the Instrument Act of 1792, and was equal to the Spanish silver dollar, divided into 100 cents. The law licensed a currency denominated in dollars and cents. American banknotes are issued in the Central Reserve Bank of America, and people call them “greenbacks” because historically the color of their appearance was predominantly green.  LINK








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Walkingstick  [via Frank26]   [Iraqi bank gentlemen in US banks update]  Wire transfers and money exchange is the goal of the [CBI] satellite banks [being set up around the world] and the third goal is collect as many 3 zeros as possible because these 3 zeros will not go back to the U.S. treasury but go back to the CBI to be destroyed.  That’s why these satellite banks are so important.


Nader From The Mid East   [His friend’s corruption video followup]  The problem is you only saw one video…one got arrested but it’s like 5 or 6 of them got arrested in the same day and that’s a really good thing…they want to give an example.  That’s what they want to do.  That’s why they’re arresting people like that…this is what’s going to happen you if you continue to steal…if you go to government office it’s a lot of them like that.  ‘You have to give me money for me to let stuff go through.’