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KTFA: With the document.. the issuance of an arrest warrant against the former Minister of Commerce


11/21/2022 14:19:31


The Baghdad / Al-Karkh First Investigation Court issued an arrest and investigation warrant against the former Minister of Trade, Alaa Al-Jubouri.  LINK

Samson:  After Jordan.. the Sudanese to Kuwait and France


21st November, 2022


The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani, is visiting Kuwait and France, after a scheduled visit to Jordan, which he will start on Monday, in his first foreign station.


A government source told Shafaq News agency that the visit to Kuwait and France will follow the visit to Jordan in a few days.


He pointed out that the visits will discuss cooperation with Iraq to recover the wanted persons and the money smuggled outside the country.  LINK




Samson:  Iraq is the second country in the world with the least working hours per week


21st November, 2022


The International Labor Organization (ILO) issued, on Monday, a list of countries with the lowest working hours per week, including Iraq for the current year.


According to the list seen by Shafaq News Agency, it is shown that worldwide, the average working week can range from less than 40 hours to nearly 50 hours.


High-income or developed countries that place a cultural emphasis on work-life balance, leisure time, and family generally have shorter official work weeks (some as low as four days) and more days off.


Countries with longer operating weeks, fewer worker protections, and fewer amenities are often classified as “hard working countries,” but they also tend to have less happy and possibly burnout publics.


According to the report of the International Labor Organization, there are 36 countries that are among the countries that have the shortest working weeks in hours, which are set between 29 hours to 36 hours, and Australia came with the least country in the world in the number of working hours per week, reaching only 29 hours per week, followed by Iraq and the Netherlands And Micronesia (consisting of islands in the Pacific Ocean) with 30 hours per week, followed by Somalia, Rwanda and Kazakhstan with 31 hours per week, Djibouti with 32 hours per week, and Norway, the United Kingdom and Austria with 33 hours per week.


As for the countries that have the longest working weeks in hours, which ranged from 54 to 47 hours, they included Mauritania and Tanzania with 54 hours per week, followed by Egypt with 53 hours, Bangladesh, Senegal and Gambia with 51 hours, Qatar and Burkina Faso with 50 hours, Cambodia and Pakistan with 49 hours, and Jordan and Lebanon with 48 hours. hour.  LINK




Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: The 2023 budget will amount to 130 trillion dinars, with a deficit of about 25%


21st November, 2022


Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ikhlas Al-Dulaimi, suggested on Monday that the Iraqi government will send the draft budget law for the year 2023 within the next two weeks, noting that the budget ceiling may reach 130 trillion dinars, with a deficit rate of less than 25%.


Al-Dulaimi told Shafaq News agency, “The general budget law, according to the Financial Management Law, is sent in mid-October to the Parliament, and the Parliament and the Parliamentary Finance Committee can make amendments to the law and approve it within a maximum period of two months.”


And she emphasized that “the draft budget law has been studied in the Ministry of Finance, but it has not yet been presented to the Council of Ministers, which in turn sends it to the House of Representatives for a vote.”


And she indicated that “the price of a barrel of oil currently ranges between 85 to 87 dollars, but we do not know the exact price in the budget law, and that the real price of a barrel of oil will be determined when the draft budget law reaches the House of Representatives, and through previous experiences we usually set the lowest prices for a barrel of oil despite from the continued rise in global oil prices.


Al-Dulaimi expected that “the draft budget law will be presented to the Council of Ministers within 15 days, after which it will be sent to the House of Representatives, and the budget may be approved in Parliament during January of the year 2023.”


It also suggested that “the total amount of the budget law will range between 128 to 130 trillion dinars, and the deficit rate we believe is less than 25% of the total amount.”


It is noteworthy that the financial budget for the current year 2022 was not approved by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives due to the turmoil that Iraq witnessed after the early elections in October 2021, which escalated to dangerous levels that ended with the events of the Green Zone, with armed confrontations between supporters of the Sadrist movement and the security forces, which claimed lives. Dozens and hundreds injured.


After the end of the crisis, with the agreement of the political blocs to elect the President of the Republic and to grant confidence to the government of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, the latter pledged that he would present the draft federal budget law for the year 2023 as soon as possible. LINK



Samson:  After the Iranian and Turkish “attacks”…the Iraqi parliament will discuss tomorrow “preserving sovereignty” in a “closed session”


21st November, 2022


The Iraqi Parliament will hold, tomorrow, Tuesday, a closed session to discuss the “attacks” on Kurdistan Region and the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.


A member of the Iraqi parliament, Briar Rashid, told Shafaq News agency, “The Iraqi parliament will meet tomorrow to discuss the violation of Iraqi sovereignty and the attacks by Turkey and Iran on the Kurdistan region.” “The meeting will be closed,” he said.


According to the agenda of tomorrow’s session, Parliament will discuss one issue, which is “preserving Iraq’s sovereignty in a closed session.”


And security sources revealed to Shafaq News agency, at dawn on Monday, that the capital, Erbil, and the Koysanjak district were subjected to missile strikes targeting the headquarters of opposition parties, and an Iranian refugee camp.


Earlier today, Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hinted at a ground military operation in northern Syria and Iraq. Erdogan said, in statements followed by Shafaq News Agency, “The military air operation that we carried out in northern Syria and Iraq will not be limited to air strikes.” He added, “We will hold discussions about the participation of ground forces in the military operation in northern Syria and Iraq.”


And at dawn yesterday, Sunday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that its fighters had carried out air strikes on the strongholds of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the local wings loyal to it in northern Syria and Iraq.


The ministry stated, “The operation aims to ensure border security, prevent any terrorist attacks targeting the Turkish people and security forces, and eradicate terrorism from its roots, by neutralizing terrorist organizations (BKK/KGK/YPG) and others.”  LINK