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KTFA Samson:  What is the impact of the value of the euro with the dollar on the Iraqi economy?


14th July, 2022


Economist Qusai Safwan confirmed that the value of the euro with the dollar has a positive impact on the value of the Iraqi dinar.


Safwan said that “the reason for the decline in the value of the euro is as a result of Russia’s cutting off oil and gas supplies from the European Union and the disruption in growth rates in the union, which led to making the dollar a safe haven to convert the euro into dollars at this stage.”


He added, “The impact of the depreciation of the euro is positive on the Iraqi economy as a result of Iraq’s possession of dollar reserves, which will lead to the growth of the country’s economy.”


Safwan added, “It is possible that there will be a diversification of the Central Bank’s reserves towards buying gold or buying international currencies such as the euro or the yen, in order to avoid any damage to the US dollar in the future.”


He pointed out that “the volume of European production will be affected by the decline in Russian gas, and inflation rates will rise in Europe to compensate for the decrease in the value of the euro.”


And he indicated that “the Iraqi economy will profit as a result of purchases in dollars, which will lead to an increase in government purchases with the rise in the value of the dollar.”


Safwan pointed out that “it is possible that the strength of the Iraqi dinar will increase because it is linked to a fixed price with the dollar.”  LINK




Samson:  An economist warns of a catastrophe for the economies of European countries and America


17th July, 2022


Economist Grigor Saresky said, in a television interview, that the depreciation of the euro exchange rate will disastrously affect the economies of the European Union and the United States, and will bring benefit to Russia.


The Bulgarian expert added: “This low exchange rate is a disaster for the European and American economy. Of course, coordinated efforts will be made to achieve parity. Almost half of the EU importers are making a profit. But the euro exchange rate is currently not in the interest of European producers, because they pay in dollars, and export being in Euros.


He said, “The current situation in the foreign exchange market harms European producers, because they buy in dollars, and sell their products and export them in euros.”


The expert believes that the current situation seems to favor Russia. He said: “This year, Bulgaria paid Putin an additional two billion dollars – the euro has become cheaper, and fuel prices are rising. We must get used to the fact that fuel has become expensive. Sanctions have led to increasing the financing of the Russian economy.


In the middle of the week, the European currency fell below the value of the US dollar for the first time since 2002.  LINK




Samson:  With the start of the official working hours..Protesters block an “important” road in southern Iraq


17th July, 2022


A number of protesters in Dhi Qar governorate blocked an important road in the center of Nasiriyah city, the center of the governorate, on Sunday.


Shafak News Agency correspondent stated, “Angry protesters cut off Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street in the center of Nasiriyah, the center of the province, with burning tires, at the start of the official working day today.”


And he indicated, “The protesters are calling on the government to improve the reality of services in the governorate and release job grades.”


Dhi Qar Governorate, in southern Iraq, is witnessing almost daily demonstrations and protests calling for services and the provision of jobs. In less than two years, the demonstrators were able to overthrow a large number of officials, including governors who took over its administration.  LINK



Samson: The coordination framework expects to hold a session to elect the President of the Republic next Thursday


17th July, 2022


The Shiite coordination framework of the Shiite forces, with the exception of the Sadrist movement, confirmed on Sunday that the meeting of the Presidency of the House of Representatives with heads of political blocs will set a date for holding the presidential election session, expected to be held next Thursday.


Representative of the framework, Ibtisam Al-Hilali, told Shafaq News Agency, “The leadership of the coordination framework called in the last statement the Presidency of the House of Representatives to set a date for holding a session to elect the president of the republic, and in light of this, Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi called the heads of the political blocs to hold a meeting tomorrow morning, Monday.”


She added that “the meeting of the Presidency of the Parliament with heads of political blocs on Monday will discuss the completion of the constitutional entitlement and an agreement to set a new date for the presidential election session this week.”


Al-Hilali indicated, “If the meeting agrees to hold the session, it is expected that the presidential election session will be held next Thursday.” And yesterday, Saturday, the Presidency of the House of Representatives invited the heads of political blocs to a meeting on Monday, July 18, at 11 am.


The leader of the “state forces” coalition, Ammar al-Hakim, confirmed yesterday, Saturday, that the coordinating framework, which includes Shiite political forces, is “quickly” serious about the nomination of the Prime Minister for the next federal government, reiterating his call to the Kurdish forces to agree on a candidate for the position of President of the Republic.


On Friday (July 15), the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, renewed his call for the dissolution of armed factions operating outside the framework of the state, while stressing the need for “tested” political figures not to take positions in the next federal government.  LINK




Samson:  Law Leader: Al-Maliki was not nominated.. and seasonal people appear during the formation of the government and then disappear with money


17th July, 2022


A member of the State of Law coalition, Abbas Abboud, said on Saturday, July 16, 2022, that there are many names being proposed through the media to occupy the position of prime minister, but the discussion is in fact about the mechanism, stressing that Al-Maliki did not officially nominate himself, rather, he was observing the situation and was close to the negotiation process, and he has an absolute majority within the coordination framework and a popular base, and he wants to choose a qualified person.


Abboud, a politician, researcher and writer, said that there is talk of choosing one of the leaders of the second line, and there will be crucial news expected.


Abboud said in a statement to the Obelisk that the State of Law coalition shares with the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr in many of the points mentioned in the Friday sermon.


And between: We are against the foreign presence in Iraq and we are fighting corruption, noting that the State of Law coalition has clear and explicit stances against the corrupt, and voted against many laws that affect the livelihood of the Iraqi people, such as raising the dollar exchange rate.


Abboud believes that historical leaders in the Shiite and Kurdish components have a role in the experiences of events, and they have an impact on differences, whether in terms of their exaggeration or their resolution.


Abboud went on to say that things in the Shiite house became easier after the withdrawal of the Sadrist movement from the parliament. He continued: So far, we have not heard of an agreement within the Kurdish House to choose a personality with specifications that satisfies everyone, and in this case, the national space will be resorted to, and a vote on the personality in Parliament will be made. He pointed out the difficulty of progress before the election of the President of the Republic, noting that the coordination framework prefers that the agreement be within the Kurdish House without the intervention of other parties.


Regarding the coordination position regarding the election of the president, Abboud explained that the framework did not interfere in favor of a particular candidate, and the matter is left to the Kurdish House, with reservations about some personalities, and that the coordination respects the understandings with its allies.


Maliki’s nomination for prime minister


Abboud said that al-Maliki did not nominate himself officially, but was monitoring the situation and was close to the process of negotiating the selection of the prime minister, and he has an absolute majority within the coordination framework and a popular base, and he wants to choose a qualified person. He stressed that the party that has a parliamentary base and has a large number of deputies can pass the candidate it wants, pointing out that the name of Haider al-Abadi was proposed by political forces, but I do not think that he has a chance according to this mechanism.


Abbas Abboud warns that political flies, as he put it, referring to people who failed to be influential, appear seasonally before the formation of each government and disappear after its formation while they are loaded with positions and money.


And he went on: These people are crawling over the sources of action at home and abroad in order to market what they want and to sabotage the atmosphere for those who do not want personalities on the table or not on the table to occupy the position of prime minister.  LINK

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