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KTFA: Samson:  Iraqis have submitted nomination papers for the presidency of Ira

20th January, 2022

Media sources reported that twenty-six Iraqis, most of whom are Kurds, have submitted papers to run for the presidency of Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the political custom that has been followed in Iraq since the first parliamentary elections held in the country in the year 2005, the position of the president of the republic is from the share of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as the late Jalal Talabani headed the presidency for two terms, then Fuad Masum, then the current president Barham Salih.  LINK

Samson: Saleh receives the papers of 12 ambassadors and confirms Iraq’s openness to the international community

20th January, 2022


Thursday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received the credentials of 12 ambassadors to Iraq.


And the Presidency of the Republic stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “Saleh received, at the Peace Palace, the credentials of the ambassadors of the Republic of South Korea, Choi Seung-soo, the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Belkacem Mahmoudi, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Durga Prasad, and the Republic of Slovenia, Primoz Selko.”


The Republic of Kazakhstan, Aidarbek Tomatov, the Republic of Astuna Lambet Ibo, the Republic of Ireland Vincent O’Neill, the Slovak Republic Mark Varga, the Republic of Burkina Faso, Alassan Monet, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Farouk Mallami Yabo, the Kingdom of Norway Aspen-Event Lindbeck, and the Republic of Cyprus Michalis Ioannou.


The President of the Republic, while receiving the ambassadors separately, stressed “Iraq’s openness to the international community, strengthening its political, economic and trade relations, and supporting regional and international coordination to confront common global challenges, foremost of which is combating terrorism, extremist ideology, health and environmental conditions, and confronting climate change.”


He expressed his wishes to the ambassadors for “success and success in performing their duties, in a way that contributes to the consolidation of friendship and cooperation relations between Iraq and their countries.”


For their part, the ambassadors extended their thanks and appreciation to the President of the Republic, and affirmed their countries’ aspiration to strengthen relations with Iraq in various fields and support its security and stability. LINK

Samson:  Economist: Al-Kazemi’s Government Is Not Authorized To Spend From The Financial Surplus

20th January, 2022

Economic analyst Younis Al-Kaabi confirmed, on Thursday, that the large financial surplus due to the rise in oil prices, will be the nucleus of the new government to launch a promising program, while indicating that the caretaker government cannot dispose of the financial surplus.


Al-Kaabi said, “The increases in crude oil prices will contribute significantly to supporting the 2022 budget,” noting that “the delay in convening Parliament and forming the new government made the caretaker government unable to spend from public funds, except in the field of expenditures.” The general public at a rate of 12/1, as is the case in the event the budget is delayed for any reason.


He added, “So we are facing a large financial surplus that will be the nucleus for the next government to launch a promising government program through which it can provide programs and investments and provide great job opportunities.”


And earlier today, oil expert Hamza Al-Jawahiri said that oil prices will remain between 85 and 90 dollars for the current year and the following year due to the return of economic activities to the countries of the world that decided to coexist with the epidemic.  LINK

Samson: Al-Rafidain: More than 61 thousand accounts were opened for citizens to deposit their money last year

20th January, 2022

Today, Thursday, Al-Rafidain Bank announced the outcome of the number of accounts opened for citizens in Baghdad and the governorates during the past year, which amounted to 61,298 savings and current accounts.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the number of current accounts that were opened for citizens in the past year reached 9,247 current accounts in dinars and dollars,” noting that “the number of savings accounts for citizens amounted to 46,415 accounts in dinars and dollars, in addition to that the number of deposit accounts is 5636.


He added that “the bank continues to provide its services and open accounts for citizens in dinars, dollars and fixed deposits for those wishing to deposit their money in the bank and obtain interests according to the terms and controls established, and the bank’s customers can visit its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to see them.”  LINK


Samson:  The Arab Monetary Fund organizes “remotely” the Seventh Annual Meeting of the Undersecretaries of the Ministries of Finance in the Arab Countries


20th January, 2022  On January 19-20, 2022


The meeting deals with :


Digital transformation strategies in government stock markets in the Arab countries


The importance of digitizing tax collection in Arab countries


Modernizing the role of the state to stimulate growth driven by the private sector


The challenges of the health sector stumbling on macroeconomic transformations in the Arab region


Fiscal policies to support the recovery phase from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic in the Arab region


The experiences of Arab countries in terms of digitizing government payments and transfers and publishing public finance statistics


The experiences of emerging economies and developing countries in the field of corporate tax reforms


On Wednesday and Thursday, January 19 and 20, 2022, the Arab Monetary Fund organizes “remotely” the seventh annual meeting of the undersecretaries of the ministries of finance in the Arab countries.


The meeting will be attended by the undersecretaries of the ministries of finance in the Arab countries. A number of experts from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will also participate.


It should be noted that the Arab Monetary Fund assumes the functions of the secretariat of the Council of Arab Finance Ministers and the activities and events associated with the Council.


The meeting’s agenda includes a number of topics and working papers of importance to the Arab countries, including “Updating the State’s Role to Stimulate Growth Driven by the Private Sector” submitted by the International Monetary Fund, and a report on “Challenges of the Health Sector’s Stalling on Macroeconomic Transformations in the Arab Region” submitted by the Bank The International Monetary Fund, in addition to two studies by the Arab Monetary Fund on “Digital Transformation Strategies in Government Securities Markets in Arab Countries” and “Digitizing Tax Collection in Arab Countries.”


The meeting will also discuss, within the framework of the exchange of experiences and expertise, issues of digitizing payments and government transfers, and publishing public financial statistics, where a number of Arab countries’ experiences in this regard will be reviewed. In addition, the meeting will discuss the experiences of emerging economies and developing countries in terms of corporate tax reforms, through a presentation by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


Finally, and in light of the current developments, the Undersecretaries will discuss, in the item on the exchange of experiences and expertise, financial policies to support the recovery phase from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic in the Arab countries, in addition to preparing for the meeting of the thirteenth regular session of the Council of Arab Finance Ministers to be held in April 2022.


On this occasion, His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Hamidi, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Monetary Fund, indicated that the meeting of the Arab Ministries of Finance Undersecretaries represents an important opportunity to exchange experiences and expertise and enhance coordination on developments in financial policies and economic and financial reform efforts undertaken by the authorities in Arab countries to restore and strengthen recovery to achieve economic and financial stability and promote comprehensive and sustainable growth, praising in this context the many topics and issues on the agenda of the seventh meeting, in terms of their importance to Arab countries and their keeping up with the needs of the current stage.


He also expressed his thanks to the Undersecretaries for their participation in presenting the experiences of their countries. His Excellency also thanked the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for their participation in the meeting and the important papers prepared for this purpose.   LINK



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