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Samson:  Al-Sadr Minister: The current demonstrations are against (a malfunctioning parliament)

17th August, 2022

“The Leader’s Minister” Salih Muhammad al-Iraqi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr, said on Wednesday that the movement’s demonstrations are against the Parliament due to its inability to enact laws, and its inability to proceed with the formation of the new federal government despite the passage of more than 300 elections the early legislative that took place in the country.

Al-Iraqi said in a blog on social networking sites “Facebook” today, “The current demonstrations are against (a broken parliament) that cannot enact service laws and has not fulfilled its oath to serve its people and did not observe the constitutional deadlines to form a government,” wondering, “even if the current demonstrations were not in front of the House of Representatives, so was the framework able to form a government with the intensification of framework disputes with all the other blocs as a whole, and without exception, even some independents without the exploiters?

He continued in his publication, speaking about the coordination framework, “They say: their demonstrations are to support the state, so they are constitutional… As for the reform demonstrations, they are against the state, parliament and the judiciary. They are not constitutional.”

And the Leader’s Minister replied, “We say: You are against the current prime ministership, and perhaps it is against the President of the Republic, according to the fact that their terms have expired.. and you were against Parliament because you only got a few chairs and you claimed forgery, which country do you support?!! Especially since we disagree with the judiciary except our disagreement is peaceful and we have not violated its respect.”

He continued by saying, “They say: Your demonstrations are uncivilized because there are (graves), ostriches, and the like. We say: Yes, but if we compare it with: (the drone) over the prime minister’s house, for example, and after a direct threat and an explicit threat from (Abu Ragaiba), which one is less? worse?!”

And he continued, “In general, which country are you defending, and our Iraq is without electricity, services, security, stability, sovereignty, or budget, and with an army that is not respected by Spykerman and a *cash* he describes as cowardly and with a reference that closed the doors in the faces of all politicians?”

He asked, “Which country and pills and drugs filled Iraq and uncontrolled weapons in the hands of those who are bulls and bears? And which country and state money is looted and the corrupt and the thieves play and have fun?” He concluded his publication by saying, “Which country and the waters of Mesopotamia have dried up, the people of the villages have been displaced, and crimes are increasing day by day, and Iraq is isolated because of your actions and your corruption? So, stop laughing at your beards.”   LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary move to open the den of corruption in Al-Rasheed and Al-Rafidain banks

16th August, 2022

Representative Hadi Al-Salami confirmed, 16/08/2022, his intention to bring to account the resigned Finance Minister Ali Allawi and refer him to the judiciary, indicating that the coming days will witness the opening of the most important dens of corruption in the banks of Rafidain, Al-Rasheed and the Ministry.

Al-Salami said in an interview followed by the obelisk, that the Ministry of Finance turned during the era of Ali Allawi more like an organized gang led by the minister and his entourage, which made the departments of the Ministry of Finance a den of corruption, fraud and fraud against citizens through the Rasheed and Rafidain Banks, the Retirement Authority and others

He added that the Minister of Finance will be prosecuted until he receives his punishment if it is wrong for him to resign and not be referred to the judiciary, stressing that several complaints supported by evidence and proofs of negligence and negligence on the part of the minister have been submitted. He added that the complaints filed against the minister are with the Integrity and Public Prosecution Commission and the Financial Supervision Bureau

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, had earlier assigned Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, with the tasks of managing the Ministry of Finance as an agency temporarily, after approving the resignation of Finance Minister Ali Allawi

Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim said in a press conference that the resignation of the Finance Minister expressed great respect for the government’s achievements, noting that the text of the Finance Minister’s resignation described the government’s actions and achievements as exceptional.

He explained that the text of the resignation indicated that the government was hampered by the rampant conflict between the political forces, noting that the text of the resignation of the Minister of Finance referred to the rapid growth of the economy in Iraq, and also included talk about the government’s fulfillment of the promises it made to the Iraqis.  LINK


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