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Cleitus: I have confidence the “big boys” know what they are doing. We all have an opinion as to why the rabbit hole never ends; however, I keep coming back to something that was discussed a few years back on the “new” asset backed currency trading platform that was established and I believe homed in Singapore.

Now, here’s why, IMO, we have not gotten there yet.  The new IQD will be one of the five currencies that will be in the “new” basket of asset backed currencies. This will kick this thing off for the rest of the world.  The others are the USN, Euro, GBP and the Yen. Possibly the Swiss franc according to a post here a few weeks ago.

In order to trade among themselves and for us to see the RI/RV all currencies in the “new” basket MUST be asset backed and trading from this”new” platform. I’m focusing on one of the four countries that are/may not be ready yet. I have not found anything so far…, still looking.

I may not know what I’m talking about or some may think I’m all wet, but unless someone can explain to me where my logic is off then I’m sticking to what makes sense to me, for now.

ChrisC:  Frank barely mentioned it at the time and then completely dropped it, but if you will remember earlier this year there was a supposed move by everybody to asset backed currencies.  Remember?  He would barely talk about it when it happened, but there is a new platform that TPTB are trading on with these new currencies if I understood it right.


Iobey777:  TRILLIONS….or BILLIONS? Which is it? And how are they throwing out so much money when they don’t have any money? Seems to me they are spending money left and right, paying salaries,providing electricity, water,schools, stadiums,etc,etc,…..at what RATE are they doing all this? Oh yeah..AND opening an International branch in Dubai? Really? How are you doing all of that , Mr. Alak with a PR rate?

Samson:  The Association of Iraqi Private Banks organizes a bank credit course with the participation of 40 trainees

29th July, 2018

On Sunday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized a training course entitled “Bank Credit“, in cooperation with Awsol Training and Consultancy, which will address all issues related to credit for commercial and Islamic banks

The course was attended by 40 trainees from government and private banks

“The credit profession in Iraq is very difficult because the bank may be giving loans that will not be repaid in the future

He pointed out that “there are good borrowers in terms of repayment of loan amounts, but banks are afraid to give them any loan for many considerations,” noting that “this training will focus on the practical side, and the latter is a priority of the Association of Iraqi private banks in any training organized by

Hashemi said that “the Central Bank of Iraq gave banks trillion dinars to support the medium and small projects, and this project disbursed by about 20%  

He added that “the banks to provide more loans, the latter contribute to bring electronic cards to the bank and open bank account    LINK


Samson:  The Rusafa investigation confirms the statements of 10 defendants who admitted the appointment of fictitious employees in the Ministry of Health

2018/7/29 13:58

The court of Al-Rusafa investigation, which deals with issues of integrity and economic crime, has confirmed the statements of 10 defendants who admitted the appointment of fictitious employees in the Ministry of Health and the receipt of amounts amounting to more than 6 billion salaries for these appointments.

“The accused confessed before the Rusafa investigation to appoint fictitious names in the ministry as employees,” Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar, spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council, said in a press statement received by the agency All Iraq [where] a copy of it today, pointing out that “these accused are employees, officers and associates of Ministry of Health “.  Berkdar said that “the defendants have obtained sums of money estimated at more than 6 billion Iraqi dinars, the amount of salaries of these imaginary jobs for eight years.

He noted that “the court ratified the confessions of the accused and take all actions against them in accordance with the provisions of Article 318 of the Iraqi Penal Code.”   LINK