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Question 1: 0:36 I believe you anticipate hyperinflation similar to that of Venezuela. Jim Rickards and Gregory Mannarino have recently stated that since money velocity is down, they anticipate deflation instead of hyperinflation with the possibility of hyperinflation in the future. What are your thoughts?

Question 2: 4:54 Could you elaborate on investing to foreign currencies? How is that related to US dollar inflation?

Question 3: 9:14 I work as a Nurse practitioner. I wanted to do ‘travel work’ for a long time and I finally have an opportunity to do so but I am very disturbed by the events of the world. If you were my big sister would you advise me to do this or would you advise me to find a little piece of land and hunker down? My boys are grown so it’s just me now.

Question 4: 11:27 What’s your advice to millennials who want to buy crypto currency’s over Gold and Silver?