Lynette Zang

The Fundamental Problem with Money Market Funds

Lynette Zang:  4-11-2023

In this video, Lynette Zang, discusses the ongoing transition from the old economic system to a new world order.

She talks about the risks of investing in money market funds, which may not be as safe as people think.

She also urges you to prepare for a potential economic reset by ensuring you have Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community, and Shelter.

Join Lynette as she shares the importance of holding physical gold and silver as a means of retaining personal freedoms and choices during times of economic uncertainty.


0:00 Interest Rates 1:41New World Order

3:49 Money Market Funds

10:22 Swing Factor

19:01 Collateral & Financial Plumbing

21:30 Palantir Buys $50 Million in Gold

23:51 The Thrivers Community