Lynette Zang An Experts Opinions on Gold Reserves, BRICS, and What the Future Holds for the US Dollar

An Expert’s Opinion on Gold Reserves, BRICS and What the Future Holds for the US Dollar

Lynette Zang and Eric Griffen :  5-10-2023

Viewer Questions:

Question 1: 0:45 How do you safely barter with either silver, or the gold collectables without being vulnerable to theft or possible injury to you or family?

 Question 2: 3:49 How will de-dollarization affect other countries?

Question 3: 6:04 I still do not understand what the LIBOR change to SOFR is going to mean for me.

Question 4: 9:56 Do you think that BRICS will require US Treasury to prove how much physical gold they have?

Question 5: 14:28 How do you see the situation unfold in the UK and do you think we need to have your ITM mantra in place here too?