In Lynette Zang 


Question 1: 0:47 Would you please tell us a story of how after the 2008 recession you were able to use your collectible gold or gold in general to take advantage and buy income producing assets?

Question 2: 3:04 Do you think the central banks will give the big banks a conversion method to move out of the Crypto, and into the digital currency?

Question 3: 4:11 Can you please walk us through the calculation scenario of dollar to SDR if the dollar is not 1:1 but a portion of the SDR backing?

Question 4: 6:04 Lynette, can you tell me about copper (PRE-1983) pennies? If the price of silver and gold go back to their historical value, do you think copper pennies will also? It wasn’t too long ago when you could buy candy with one penny or a gallon of gas with 10 pennies. Pennies used to be the money of the people. More than even silver. But I never hear what people think COPPER (PRE-1983) pennies will go to and if it’s worth sorting them out?

Question 5: 8:37 My wife and I are looking to purchase some property/home etc. we have hard assets to buy it outright but do not want to exhaust much of those assets. We keep a small bank account to meet day to day needs. We have ample income, higher than most retirees, no debt, a high credit score…As our money sits in a bank what signs can we look for that may signal an imminent need to withdraw those funds to avert, buy-in, runs, or other financial dollar disasters that will befall our currency? There is a point to it all, that is me (and many others) are captive to the current financial system. We will have to do things in fiat dollars that we do not want to do but must to operate, therefore it is paramount that warning signs are known to us.