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Global Elite’s “Great Reset” Agenda: Why You Must Get Out of The System!!!

In this video, we do an hour long special with Lynette Zang from ITM trading. She discusses her views on the IMF plan to replace Gold/Silver with a Digital SDR.

We talk about Gold/Silver and why you should leave the system as much as possible.

She talks about the best ways to prepare yourself financially, but also with your food/water/mindset, and more.

She says that the currency reset has begun; and it is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing cycle that plays itself out over the course of a fiat currencies lifecycle.

She says we are at the end of the US dollar lifecycle, and the reset will continue to play itself out in a massive money printing agenda.

What she describes the reset as is actually a wealth transfer. When the wealth transfer is complete, the currency reset will be complete.