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Dec 29, 2020

  1. CR: I have an estate account. I just put over $500k into it and was told the funds would be available on the 12/9. I went to wire $ to ITM and was told no, funds now being held until 12/16. I just got a call from someone in the NY chase office asking me what my intentions were for the cash. If I left it with them for an additional 2 months, I would be able to profit approximately $2k more. I have never invested through Chase and have never received a call like that from them.  Red flags went up. What do you think this means? 1:06
  2. John C: I have been purchasing PCGS/NGC MS65 Silver Morgan Dollars.  The assumption is that they would be safe from confiscation, hopefully. You say that silver is more useful as a tool of barter.  Would I be better off buying the non-graded coins?  what would you suggest? 4:40
  3. Wendy: I’ve noticed a bombardment of email solicitations offering “rewards”, for filling out surveys. There is a variety of prizes to choose from at decent value. The hook is, you have to pay shipping, which includes all personal info and a credit card. There are so many of these offers with the same format that I’ve become suspicious. Is there a massive central data collection going on? Am I getting paranoid? 7:20
  4. Amber: How are the wealthy going to be using the money that will still be in “digital dollars” to invest? I am sure they have something cooked up to maximize even this new fiat currency to their advantage in investing. 9:20
  5. Martin: Customer asks if Lynette has an opinion on how the new administration may be using Platinum for upcoming industrial uses, and where the prices may rise. Would it be a good investment option instead of Silver or Gold? 12:34