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  1. I own quite a few properties, no mortgages, no debt. These are not rental properties. We are living off the dividends from mutual funds, money markets, annuities. We are concerned about the state of the economy, the purchasing power of the dollar. The Stock Market doesn’t make sense. What would you recommend?
  2. Would someone with little income have enough chance to save their future or set themselves up to struggle less? Thank you for your time.
  3. Is what’s happening in the Capitol a great distraction for the great reset?
  4. I noted you made mention of a universal payment for the people after the rest. That means a fixed about, correct? Have you explained what that truly means on your YouTube? Thank you for extending your knowledge.
  5. What a cyber attack (grid down) means to digital dollar?

With millions of people out of work, multiple months of rioting in the streets, and 4 people dead after a Whitehouse riot yesterday…you may be asking yourself how Main Street can be doing so poorly, while Wall Street continues to look “successful”.

And aside from that illusion of success being trillions of fake dollars simply printed into existence with no inherent value, the real picture is now revealing itself with historic and repeatable patterns you need to be aware of immediately.

In this video I will show you those patters, along with the continued clues of the Global Reset Transition, so you can properly protect yourself and your assets while there’s still time.