Lynette Zang “Banking Collapse News” Friday 3-10-2023 with Lynette Zang

BREAKING NEWS: Banking Collapse! -with Lynette Zang




So, Has the crisis I have been talking about and said “needed to happen” before June 30th of this year happening now?


We are going to know, but it certainly could.


Is this the straw that breaks the back with the Fed raising interest rates when they have gotten the entire system so used to zero interest rates for over a decade???


We’re here to help, as our mission is to safeguard the public from the inevitable downfall of the dollar, global markets, and the current real estate bubble.


we’ve spent the last 25 years developing a complete strategy designed not only to protect our clients from standard crashes and recessions…but to position them properly for a complete currency collapse and economic Reset (which is the stage we’re now in).