Lynette Zang “Banking System News” From Lynette Zang and Greg Mannarino

20 More Banks on Shaky Foundation While JP Morgan Profited $1B on Metals


Lynette Zang: 3-16-2023


They want you to think that it’s over, that the new facility that the Fed magically created.


They want you to think that that has fixed everything. But all they ever do is change the way they account for things.


And what really happens is the system gets more vulnerable because this whole thing hinges on whether or not you believe their lies.


And you come here. I’m telling you the truth. And not only am I telling you the truth, but I’m giving you the tools to do your own due diligence.


Don’t take my word for anything, but don’t take theirs. Because when you do that, you leave everything vulnerable and exposed.


And I’m going to expose the truth. And I’m going to help you not be vulnerable.




0:00 Introduction


1:52 SVB Balance-Sheet


6:55 CEO Stock Selloff


10:00 20 Banks Potential Securities Losses


18:00 FDIC Banking Profile 2019-2022


22:08 Gold Premiums