In Lynette Zang 


Jeff S: How much higher does the national debt need to go, or interest rates need to rise, before the national debt becomes actively catastrophic?   In other words, how much longer do you think the debt system go on? 0:44

Valliant: Considering the risk of bank failures, bank bail-ins, the sorry state of the FDIC, and the puny interest rates the banks pay, would you recommend keeping a minimal amount of money on deposit for current needs and the balance anticipated for near term needs in a safe place such as a safe deposit box? 4:30

Conor A: After the currency is reset to gold, and the price of gold jumps tenfold, will an ounce of then have the buying power to buy one gents suit or ten gents suits? 5:30

Oralia P: I have an old silver tea set and tiffany jewelry that will go up in value with the price of silver? 7:36

Should people be more worried about silver premiums or silver scarcity in the market right now? 10:29

What would the government have to do to start to reverse the inflation for the last 100 years? 23:04

Would Elon Musk possibly bringing Gold/Silver from Mars, affect the precious metal market here? I’m assuming yes? 24:14