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Dr. Ott’s Meeting With Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker


Lynette Zang:  7-15-2022


We have a very special guest, Dr. Alma True Ott. Now Dr. Ott was on Wall Street in 1984 as he trained in derivatives, including futures markets. He learned how America operated financially.


At the end of his training he met Paul Volcker, the then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and let’s just say that after that meeting, he went on a 25-year quest to research and understand money and the power of the Central Banks, for a very good reason.



0:00 Introduction


2:44 Meeting Paul Volcker In the 80’s


16:22 Paul Volcker’s Lesson on Gold vs U.S. Dollar


20:21 De-Globalization


34:47 Will Hyperinflation Happen in America?


43:43 The True Power of Gold & Silver


50:42 BRICS Nations Creating New Currency


52:26 Preserving the Purchasing Power of Your Money


1:00:21 Outro