Lynette Zang, Greg Mannarino and Michael Burry

URGENT! Change all Variable Rate Debts to Fixed Rates, Hyperinflation Coming… -by Lynette Zang


US Corporate Bankruptcies just surpassed the total for all of last year. We are in a debt-based system, and the impact of raising interest rates is now starting to be felt in a big way.

The increase in the cost of borrowing and the cost of servicing debt for both businesses and individuals is leading to defaults.

Corporations and commercial real estate businesses are unable to refinance due to credit tightening and they’re being forced into bankruptcy. This is leading to job losses and decreased consumer spending which will impact other businesses and trigger a downward spiral of events.

This economy is driven by the unsustainable compounding of debt and derivatives that are now being sold as all the wall street products your financial advisor recommends to you. Well guess what, the ponzi scheme gets revealed today…coming up!


 0:00 Corporate Bankruptcies

 2:00 Distressed Debt

4:32 Domestic Banks Tighten

 5:55 New Zombies

 9:18 What About The Consumer

13:59 Student Loan Pause Ends

 15:36 Gold Price & US Debt


Greg Mannarino:  9-7-2023

Michael Burry Is Betting $1.6 Billion On A Market Crash In 2023

Atlantis Report:  9-7-2023

Michael Burry shot to fame with his incredible foresight during the 2008 financial crisis.

His successful bet against the housing market, as portrayed in the movie “The Big Short,” earned him legendary status. He founded his own fund, Scion Capital, and since then, investors have hung on to his every word.