Lynette Zang Wednesday PM

Is the Gold Price Manipulation Ending? LIVE Discussion with Industry


Lynette Zang:  3-1-2023


Viewer Questions:


Question 1: 0:40 Can you please explain why premiums are continually changing? Who sets the premium price, and how is it determined?


Question 2: 2:41 What is going to happen when we run out of social security funding?


Question 3: 5:38 What are some indicators to suggest the price manipulation of gold is coming to an end?


Question 4: 7:28 When the dollar falls and they begin to transition to CBDCs, will debt owed on credit cards just get carried over to the new currency, or will it be wiped out as forgiven debt?


Question 5: 9:15 Given platinum is rarer than gold and the mintage rates so small, wouldn’t it be prudent to add some sovereign minted platinum to our stacks?


Question 6: 10:28 Why can’t Ukraine be held responsible for the money they owe us?


Question 7: 12:16 What prevents the fiends in the federal government from making gold and silver barter illegal?