In Lynette Zang 


Dec 9, 2020

Tabor R: I understand gold & silver are extremely undervalued, who or what will be the deciding factor in the true realization of their value? 0:59

Edgar M: Why do the central banks and sovereign nations buy gold if they plan to digitize everything? 2:35

Mustard Growth: What would you tell your mother if you knew that she was largely holding municipal bonds in her portfolio? 4:24

Rdfar4: When they implement the digital dollar what happens with the fiat currency we have out of the banks? Does it become worthless? Will we be able to bring it to the banks to be converted to digital? 7:51

Jwrath7: If you had credit card debt and very little, or no physical gold/silver, would you focus on paying down the debt as quickly as possible before buying physical? Or pay the minimums on debt and buy as much physical as you can afford? 10:50

Saadik Pell: what happens to life insurance policy’s during a reset? 12:18

David Phillips: Is crypto money or currency? 15:00

Lima Renton: what will the collapse look like? 15:52

Vicky Horton – What is your opinion on copper? 18:09

Grow Mechanic – When the gold price goes down after the run up, what do you do? Hold or dump? 18:55