In MarkZ

MarkZ update Saturday Morning 2-23-19 (Notes by PDK – not verbatim)

MZ: I spoke with 2 people from Reno, Spoke with a person involved in the F&Ps,(fines and penalties) and spoke with Mr. Cottrell.

He has not been paid yet (The funding for the gold/asset currency?) …but everyone is very excited and hope things start happening tonight. Could be a very exciting 24 hours.  More confirmations we are right on top of this..some things I can’t talk about..

The original protocol was to pay out F&Ps then MC (Michael Cotrell) …Now we are hearing MC will be funded/paid  then the F&Ps….we will know more tonight

Amazing good news out of Iraq this weekend. They were expecting an announcement sometime today… Great meeting yesterday with the meeting between China and the US. And a big rumor that the Zim might start exchanging before the Dinar and Dong….consider it a rumor but I am hearing it’s a strong possibility.

Q:  have you heard this Mark: Judy Note: As confirmed by several sources a 72 hour window started Thurs. Feb. 21 at 4:00 pm EST and was expected to end Sun. Feb. 24 around 4pm EST. Liquidity on all accounts would happen at 12:01 am Mon. Feb. 25. Sometime next week public exchanges would begin during a planned geopolitical distraction. ….

MZ- I have heard something similar and would not surprise me if it’s all true.…have not heard liquidity at 12:01….At this point I don’t know if need any more distractions …but we will see about that

Q: Mark are you hearing anything about the US going back to the Asset or gold backed currency? Do we need to see that before we see the RV or can it be done in the background without an announcement?

MZ-I have heard a tremendous amount about us going back to a gold standard. That is what we are putting together the gold certificates for.   Even spoke with the man who gets to fund that…MC ( Michael Cottrell) with the gold treaty and as far as it being done quietly in the background (US monetary system going to be gold/Asset backed)….I think it will be going on in the background before RV and not announced for at least a 7-10 days after we all exchange.

When they do announce it …say something like “Hey guys, we’ve been back on the gold standard for over a week and as you can see,,,nothing changes  at the street level……and we will have no panic that way.

Q: is MC expecting news today/tomorrow?

MZ: He is kept in the dark until they are ready for him…he knows its happening very soon though from all previous reports.. They (cabal) watch him like a hawk.. the PTB doing their absolute best not to share so people won’t know when it starts or try to throw a curve ball into things again. ……hearing this timeline F&P’s before RV …..they need that money before before liquidity…… Hearing F&P 1st then RV depend on day and week..

Q: We’ve been hearing that F& P would follow the RV….are you hearing otherwise?

MZ: the original protacol was to go first, F&P paid with fiat money…now it will be paid in Asset/gold backed cmoney…..that money is taken care of…its all accounted for…it’s secure and that money is needed for liquidity so we can have an RV.or there would be no money for you guys to get at the RV… ….so F& P will absolutely, positively go before the RV…. I am hearing everything a Go, now just need to see it…

Q: ‘m hearing 3 scenarios – no public RV, groups only, or groups/public

MZ: I have heard that as well…but do not think it will be an issue…. the WF group is considered a group and if any of didn’t find your way into a group we will find you a group   …hearing most people paying attention will exchange….yes they want it kept quiet and yes they are hoping people who have been gifted and threw foreign currency in a sock drawer will have forgotten all about it and never try to exchange.

Q: will the yellow vest movement disband around the world when we get our RV?

MZ:  IMO it will depend on how much change is on the government side of it whether or not they disband….Keep in mind that America has planned for much more government changes then most other countries with this RV…..some countries will see little or no change with this reset of currencies

Q: Are we still on for this weekend?

MZ: I think we are….. everyone I’ve spoken with is excited for tonight and the next 24 hours.

Q: My contact says no RV till 2020

MZ: I have to say I’m seeing so much happening right now that we have never seen before in the past… the current administration reaching out to MC is big….and we are seeing so much activity behind the scenes in the last 2 months …a crazy amount of movement we can measure.  I am excited for right now.

Q: My source in the White House is saying everything is a go right now- are you hearing anything different?

MZ: I am also hearing everything is a go….now we just need to see it

Q: what other security is need – if any

MZ: I was told the delay last was due to security issues…..ben trying to find out exactly what is meant by that..but nobody will tell me what they were or why. We are hearing its all been taken care of though

I’m going to take our long wait and delays as good things….I think we are all better prepared and better educated now and will be able to handle these RV funds smarter and wiser then say if it went 6 years ago when we first expected it to. My plans have changed a lot since then.

Again guys, with everything I am hearing I feel we are literally in a moment to moment wait to see the RV..We are just waiting for someone to let us know . and then start picking out vacation homes!

If I hear any news – if any of the things we are expecting to happen today do happen…..I will be sure to update everyone.