In MarkZ 

[What are you hearing are the dinar rates?] On the street rate I hear it will be about $3.91 for tier 5. The contract rate for tier 4b of around $8.00…I hope this is accurate. [Do you believe Tier 5- the general public will go at the same time as the rest of us?] Yes, I absolutely believe that.  The tier 5 rate is if you go to a bank and exchange for the street rate which will be a lower rate than if you exchange at the 4b rate at a redemption center. Some people will do that. The only difference between tier 5 and tier 4b is tier 4b knows there is a contract rate…they are keeping up with it…they are informed. Tier 5 may have been gifted…not really paying attention and will just go to a bank to exchange it when they think about it sometime or someone tells them it rv’d.

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