In MarkZ

Everyone is very excited and hope things start happening tonight. Could be a very exciting 24 hours. More confirmations we are right on top of this..some things I can’t talk about…Amazing good news out of Iraq this weekend. They were expecting an announcement sometime today… the PTB doing their absolute best not to share so people won’t know when it starts or try to throw a curve ball into things again.

I have to say I’m seeing so much happening right now that we have never seen before in the past…we are seeing so much activity behind the scenes in the last 2 months…a crazy amount of movement we can measure. I am excited for right now…I am hearing everything a Go, now just need to see iteveryone I’ve spoken with is excited for tonight and the next 24 hours…I feel we are literally in a moment to moment wait to see the RV...If I hear any news – if any of the things we are expecting to happen today do happen…..I will be sure to update everyone.