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[Is this our lucky day?] I sure hope it’s our lucky day. There is a lot going on. Was the budget in the Gazette Saturday. NO. There was an announcement that the budget was passed in the Gazette on Saturday with commentary…but nothing official. There were articles this weekend from Iraq that referred to the RV of the Dinar in “past tense”. This is important. They refer to the dinar as “The strongest Currency in the Region”…wow…Kuwait has been the strongest currency in the region recently at a rate of about $3.31 to the USD.

I have been able to confirm with contacts on the ground in different regions in Iraq…Bagdad, Kurdistan and Fallugia…that there are no changes in the rate on the street yet. I have contacted platform traders and What they are showing on some of the larger platforms is some of the nations are already trading with Iraq on a 1 to 1 basis with the US dollar…this is important because it signals exactly where we are headed. We do not know the timing…nobody does…But, we think it can be as early as this week. I was also being told that they are already trading cash dinar and selling oil with a revaluation of 1 to 1. This is a enormous change and a huge step and it has me beyond a little bit excited. We could see a serious change in value at any moment.

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