In MarkZ

A local bank in  N. Carolina  was said to be showing a rate of $4. Then it disappeared when they came back to exchange. We are sending people to local banks today and see if we can get anyone to exchange today. We want to see how many of them may have value showing on their screens and if any of them are willing to exchange. [what about 800# release for private appt…is that real or no?]  800# yes I believe they are a real thing… You will have a number of banks with their own 800 #s hoping you will come to them…I feel once we get 800 numbers it will take a couple days to make appointments…I always thought that it would be best to do this over a weekend…even a 3 day weekend because it would be better for liquidity…but there is no 3 day weekend soon which means they will just have to work harder and faster. I think we are on the cusp of everything happening and if I get news I will let you know.