What we are being told right now…is watch for 800 numbers after the west coast opens today…The West coast opens about noon EST…and yes I am a little salty that we haven’t been allowed to release them yet. I’m also feeling a bit jaded as we have been told every day since Thursday we would get to release them that day.  But we are watching closely after the west coast opens. I am trying to manage my expectations…   I do feel this is extremely close and I want this as much as all of you want it.  …I am told the rates are locked in…   Remember Warren Buffet has invested over 17 million in the Iraqi Dinar.  So we are as crazy as Warren Buffet for believing in the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.  If I did not firmly believe this is real…I wouldn’t be doing this every day. But I still believe this will happen at any time.

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