MarkZ Wednesday Night Update – Some highlights by PDK – Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MK:  It’s a quiet day for news…..As we understand it…the Chinese are waiting for a rep from the US treasury and the US military to show up…they have not shown up yet.

MZ:  We were told if the Treasury is a no-show and china bypasses the US….we only have WF, HSBC and CHASE to Tier 2 banks for now…

MK:  we did get another confirmation of another CMKX delivery…….they are going out in dribbles  it would seem

MK: I was told the funds were not available until last night for big batches of CMKX to go out….but now the deliveries should pick up.

Member:  Let’s hope the Chinese elders will honor their commitment to get this done if the U.S. Treasury can’t!!!!!

MZ: I am confident there is a plan B

Member:  Heard banks had technical problems.. Fixed. 800 #’s and packages liquid by Friday….

Q: If China is bypassing the treasury….why are we waiting on the treasury?

MZ: I asked the same question……China had given them until the 10th… we will see if they do something overnight…..or are full of it.

Member:  If the Chinese are really honorable they will keep their word

MZ: It will happen……hopefully before the world implodes… is not an “if …it’s a “when”

MZ: The Chinese have everything in place to “do it”  I think today is “the proof is in the pudding”day for the Chinese.

Member:  people just dont realize how crazy evil the Deep state is in trying to keep control of the money…I think they were manipulating rates and percentages for themselves…

Member: I cannot wait to see the “perp walks” when all the swamp dwellers got to gitmo in a very public way….dressed in orange with silver bracelets. Hope all the ones delaying the reset are in jail with them .


MZ: That video is worth sharing

Member:  Explained how zeroes out… **check out Greg Hunters latest video—they talk about currency reset

MZ: Next stream is 10AM Thursday est……hope we get good news overnight

Note: Be sure to listen to replay …lots of info….Chat moves quickly and Mark speaks very fast



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