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MarkZ Update Monday 3-4-19   Notes by PDK- Not Verbatim

MZ:  I admit to being somewhat surprised….Mr. C has not been paid as of this morning..and I was sure he was going to be contacted last night…so we are not officially gold backed yet…at least on a street level with you and I …. Still hearing we are at a “any moment” scenario.

I am expecting many disconnects today from the markets, from oil, from mainstreet to wall street… should be an interesting week.

Everybody I know is still in place and waiting.

I was reached out to by a number of sources yesterday and that makes me very excited… Some news I am waiting for permission to share. We are still in the window I was given which was from Saturday to late Tuesday Night.

The biggest news we have today is the WF Private Bank Group reached out to me and wanted you to know that the Private WF group is real absolutely safe…. and all your email info is secure.

Several groups have been blended into the WF Private Bank Group.  They were worried about all the disinformation out there saying the group is gone.

If you are in this WF group your emails are safe and they wanted me to let you know that they are indeed real and secure.

I feel very blessed that they reached out to me to let you all know the WF Group is still active and real. You will be contacted by Wells Fargo on the WF letterhead.

They have none of your personal info…its been wiped…All they have is your email addresses.

There were many groups who merged in this WF master list…..Gen64 was one of them …I am excited that they reached to let me know that the list has not been compromised…..this comes from official channels.

Q:  MARK, can U plz repeat about WF Grp

MZ:   to make sure I get it exactly right …because this is important…..Here is what they sent me:

For the general safety for group list has been combined into a larger list that Wells Fargo has incorporated as the “Bank Private Group” and everyone’s personal information has been deleted but WF kept their email address in a database in ATL. Again, No need to worry the Bank Private Group is still alive and will be contacted only by Wells Fargo when the RV is officially released via emails from Wells Fargo Bank on their letterhead only. No third party will be used to give out the bank information on the initial invite to exchange. Only by Wells Fargo to the emails that are registered. The Bank Private Group has been closed for almost two years now. It is very alive and will transact when the GCR is activated

That is the statement they wanted me to give you guys…

Q: What about people who are not in any groups

MZ: I hear you will have a number of ways to exchange and you should not worry a bit about that.

Q:  Are the paymasters, such as Bonney currently in place (at major banks) simply waiting to complete their jobs once they get the ‘go ahead’

MZ: He is only 6-8 hours from where he needs to be once it is 100% live…….the other paymasters are in place…yes….this does not concern or worry me.  The 4-5 key people will have a few hours to get where they need to be and this does not worry me.

Q:  I keep wondering if WF rates were set in stone… yrs. ago or if they went up any as rates increased lately.

MZ:  I would believe the rates would have gone up…..since this was first started.

Q: Do you have any new intel on CMKX

MZ: Nothing new on CKMX…We are still waiting and I am still searching for news this morning

Q:  Can you refresh my memory on how/why Reno NV became a hub for the RV

MZ: WF has main offices based right outside Reno which is a main hub for foreign currency being handled  for the US…. And because all the foreign currency is being handled there for the nation already…anywhere in the country when you deal in foreign currency it winds up in the Reno office….…it just made sense ……so they took over some offices there…..It basically became Treasury west and kept things out of reach of DC and nefarious meddling.

Q:   On the scale from 1-10 10. Being the best, how would you compare how close we are compared to 2012?

MZ:  I think we are sitting on a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 as opposed to 2012.

Q:  mark, did you say the paymasters are in place for payout or they can reach destination quickly when called

MZ:  yes I did….a number of them are in place now and the rest have to be able to get to their destination within a couple hours.

Q: have any idea about Europe ?

MZ:  I don’t remember all the banks….HSBC is one, I believe there are 3 major banks there to give you guys options….and I believe you will have your own version of 800 numbers so that you can exchange.

Q:  With all the NDAs out there, why will MC be able to tell you he is liquid?

MZ:  He is going to ask that I get sequestered with him…so he isn’t all alone  lol……Seriously..he will do his best without endangering anything to let me know. If he can’t tell anyone….well then I won’t be telling anyone either….If its ok for a heads up….I will let you know. But we will not endanger the security of this event.

Q:   GM Mark-Did you know when you left Dinarland it would be a few years before this would happen?

MZ:   Back then when I first started sharing  I was told it would all be done within that year. And it drug out much longer than that as you all know…….recently with so many people saying they were going to quit…sell their currency… drove me nuts and I came back


MZ:  the larger banks have executed everything ….have updated software……and the smaller regional banks are now doing what they need to in order to comply by April …

Member:  Basal 3 is already law of the land in all International transactions

Member:  Most banks I am told are Basel 3 Compliant and are on the way the 4 at this point.

MZ: I hear the same things….most banks are Basel 3 complient and many are already Basel 4 ….by the first of April they should all be Basel 4

Q:  Mark I got a phone call from a Dr. Joyce H, she said she was reaching out from IQD land saying I signed up for for plan B and she wanted to confirm my email and phone number. I don’t recall anything like this. Your thoughts.   They called my HOME number that I DON’T give OUT!!

MZ: Send me the info….I know the person responsible for handling the cleanup of this corruption…they will take care of it promptly and swiftly is it’s a scam ..They do not mess around.

Member: I am so sick of scammers…why don’t they just buy their own currency????

MZ:  I have no idea if she is legit or not… very careful……We should all post good security options going forward…..brainstorm  among ourselves.…….

Member:   that’s why they are telling us to sign off of Facebook, get a new phone, computers, tablets, etc. the closer this gets, the more real the security part becomes

MZ: I will be taking a hammer or shotgun to my old devices…….security will be of the utmost importance going forward. I will go buy all new systems …we can afford it. Get rid of all your social media sites…don’t even install it on your new phones or pcs

Member:  Take a magnet to all hard drives, freeze credit, close all accounts … start everything as if you are a brand new person like you are on the run from the mob lo

Q: Just got here…what are we talking about today.

MZ: We are talking about the Global Currency Reset, going back to the gold/asset standard…and based on everything we hear…we believe we are about ready to see this reset all around the world  ….based on news we believe we are about to reset our currencies back to asset backed once again. .

Q:   Have you heard how many payments will be made to CMKX shareholders?  will there be a small ‘public’ payment from the SEC? thanks

MZ:   Whether you keep your shares or sell them back will make the difference.

Q:   Can we agree the Fed has to go down before we’re paid….

MZ:  Get rid of the Fed and the fractional debt based system..and everything in our world will change overnight

Q:   Mark, might this wait till Trump/Xi meeting/signing?

MZ:   I think we will be done before that….we will have to wait and see.

Q:  so what’s your guesstimate on timing now?

MZ:  I was expecting big things over night…..still expecting news today…the window I was given from some very connected people was from Sat. to late night tomorrow night……hopefully we are still that close.

Q:   Does funding MC have to be directly approved by the White House/Trump himself?

MZ:  I don’t know if the White house or Trump has anything to do with this now…Trump has been a very important player though just not the decision maker right now….….. .I believe the final go-ahead for Mr.C comes from (I’m not going to use his name) a fellow who is in charge of this for all of N. America and works directly with the Chinese….  I believe the final go-ahead will come from them.

Q:   So, tired of several informers making a big deal out of the NDA & Confidentiality Agreements!!!

MZ:  and guys – if we do sign NDA’s its ok to tell people that you cannot talk about it – you signed a NDA…simple

Q:  what are the most current rates you’ve heard on dinar and dong?

MZ:  :  The latest I’ve heard is on the dinar is Mid $4’s to Mid $6’s…and the dong I have heard will be in low $2’s     Zim has always been the icing and not the cake for me.  My guesstimate on the zim is somewhere around .24 cents and drop 6 zeros……that’s the only scenario that makes sense to me…..I hear how you want the payout on the zim will affect the rate drastically…..

I have to get busy with the workday……If I get anything good today on timing I will send out a tweet and maybe update everyone tonight.  I will keep shaking the bushes and rattling the cages today for news.