In MarkZ 

Everyone is geared up for a late Tuesday Event…so I hope we have a late Tuesday event…they are hearing a lot of behind the scenes stuff Tuesday Night, and in the forefront stuff that we can see tomorrow…Of course no one has been right yet..thats just what we are hearing….thats the plan… I have been told banks will issue their own 800 numbers, they desperately want you in there…the reality is Iraq is just waiting for the rest of the world…all of their problems will instantly go away the moment the reset happens.

I’m thinking everything will be released within hours of each other…This is not like Kuwait where they kept a lid on it for 10 days…in the computer age we will know everything instantly…so releases have to happen quickly-IMO. I am still hearing the entire tax system is going to change…we will not know 100% until it occurs…and I am told this event will not be a taxable event due to a tax treaty…but we will not know 100% until it occurs…I am also told to be sure to call it an exchange when you go into the banks….  Tomorrow is Wednesday and I am planning on 2 chats tomorrow. 10AM and 8PM EST.  We are expecting a lot to be happening by then.