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MarkZ update Friday 3-8-2019:  Notes by PDK – Highlights only – Not Verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Good Morning Everybody.  Very little news last night….Treasury contacts told me to tell you to keep your currency in your sight at all times…do your due diligence on everything…..keep your eyes on currency even at the bank when they are verifying it.

There are lots of rumors from banking side expecting it to start overnight tonight and 800 numbers tomorrow or over the weekend.  But,  my banking contacts have been expecting it everyday for awhile now.

There are quite a few stings going on to clean up some more corruption.   They are cleaning house,….. Left and Right….

As to Fines and Penalties…..I hear Indian Nations may have started but I can find no real proof as of yet. I am looking really hard at the next 48 hours.

I feel doggone good about the month of March and really good about this weekend….If all goes well we are expecting the first currency people in the banks on the 11th and 12th.

The link from the Italian paper about the Global Reset and Gold Standard on March 29th in English.  This appears to be the global date to announce the gold Backed currency…. . for them to announce on the 29th…its already being worked on IMO.

Member: March 29th is also the deadline for Brexit

MZ: Coincidence???  I don’t think so.  and March 31 is the deadline for Basel 3 …wow

Q:  Do you know about the exchange /redeem centers

MZ: I hear that some areas will be banks and some areas will be exchange centers…it will depend on how many currency holders in the area…. You will hear when I hear.

Q: Frank26 and his group had stated a while ago that the 3 zero’s had already been deleted electronically? what is this?

MZ:  You would have to ask Frank on this…..i just take it as further proof things are moving over there…IF they are expecting new rates in the gazette on Sat which IMO would mean we r done !

Q: How did Mr.Cottrell  get involved with all of this?

MZ:  Mr. C got involved back in the Reagan era…His dissertation on his doctorate was the basis for our new banking system and they reached out to him . the rest is history.

Q:  are we still expectation with F&P Packages deliveries happen today?

MZ: Late this evening I am very hopeful to see some F&P movement

Q: will the F&P and PP’s have structured payouts?

MZ: I am hearing no….they will just be paid. I was specifically told they will not be structured.

Member:  March 31 is deadline for Basel compliance…..This may be outdated with the QFS coming in…but a CMKX friend sent me this link showing the Basel III banking standards with higher reserve requirements must be in place by 3/31/19.

He says our F&P must get to the banks by then to help them be fully compliant. Here’s the link to the date.

MZ: Great link- everyone should check this out.

Member:  We are not getting out of March without RV!

MZ: that is my belief….so many dates of big things happening in March are being plastered all over the world.  I do believe the RV is sooner than the 29th …We are in a perfect storm.

Q:  Do U think that given the world changing impact symbolism/dates might be important – Ides of March??  Also Ides of March is Mueller Report and March 19 Q Countdown

MZ: I don’t know…..Seems like a lot of people pulling the trigger believe in this sort of thing….i don’t know though

Q: Can we still join a group?

MZ: We are so close that joining a group may not even matter…based on articles from Italy the global date is Mar. 29… may not be worthwhile to bother with groups …  I have had so many bankers reaching out to me wanting you all to call them when all this happens.  You will have so many options when this happens .

Member:  My guess is the banks will be competing to keep your deposits with higher interest rates so that they can remain Basel compliant.

MZ: Daggone right they will be…’s a whole new world for banks….they will no longer be able to count your home loan as an asset.

Member:  Huge list of “Bank Perks” that will be offered

Q:  What happens if there is no WF banks in our state?

MZ: No worries….I hear the larger banks like WF and HSBC have worked out deals with regional banks….i can’t say who yet though……

Q: So you think our tax system will change?

MZ: I hear our new tax will be consumption based..similiar to Europe and the rest of the world…this makes sense to me. Taxes on things like non essentials…   not food.

Member:  Mark HR25 (as I mentioned few days back-is sales tax only on new (non-essential) items-no income tax

Member:  The 4 Types Of Economic Systems Explained=

Q:  QUESTION: Will dinar/dong exchanges be forced into STRUCTURED payouts or JUST Zim?

MZ:  I have heard only if you have over 10 million dinar will there be a structured payout…..we do not know for sure.

Member:  from what I understand it is our choice if we want to put dinar dong in structure payout, heard only Zim

Q: Any thoughts on rates:

MZ I think we may see close to $6 on the dinar and $2 on the dong. Just my thoughts.

Member:  If that’s true on the rates it will be a never ending dream!

Q: Has anybody seen a pic of the lower denominations on this side of the pond?

MZ: I have….i don’t know if I’m supposed to say this …I will ask on this…..its exciting to see they are real..

Q:  What is meant by “baskets” what is in 1st basket & second?

MZ:  Baskets are just grouping of currency…I hear there will be a dozen or so currencies in 1st basket.   Several baskets coming out as they revue all the currencies…..The biggest changes will be in the first basket with the dinar dong ect…..

Q: Who are your contacts in dinar land?

MZ: I’ve been in this since the very beginning.   I have contacts that are Contractors in Iraq, military people, retired military people….. So many banking contacts, regional VP’s in banking,  and contacts who actually help set up some of the redemption centers for a major bank for the dinar and dong…….some from the gold mining industry, I was helping sovereigns collect more gold so that they would be Basel 3 complient  and ready for the reset … Starting in the early 2000’s I’ve been in Reno working on paperwork and documentation for stuff . Feels like I have been in this forever.

Member:  mark, I have been reading you for years and then you disappeared and when I saw that you were back, I knew we must be close. thankful for you Mark!!

Member:  Hi Mark, This was a post yesterday that circulated, “just heard from my buyer’s side. Cherokee nation has been paid. that would mean that the F&Ps have been paid, and the adjudicated accounts are being paid. so we are next.” Have you heard any confirmations on this?

MZ: That makes sense to me….they will be going first – they are a sovereign group and they are ahead of us as we move from stage 3 to stage 4. .

Member: I was in bank 2 days ago had my first experience seeing currency exchange ads on electronic screens

MZ: Isn’t it comforting to see this and know we are not crazy!!

Member:  Yes it said we will meet ALL your currency exchange needs…..never saw that before…it said 75 plus currencies…

Q: Is the new rate posted in the Iraq gazette yet.

MZ: I was told by a person sitting on the ground with a contact in the government over there that they are expecting new rate on Saturday in Gazette … I sure hope so…if true..this means we are done

Q:  Leo Wantas money going at the same time?

MZ: Yes:  they are part of going from tier 3 to tier 4

Q: In your opinion? Are we waiting on the FISA Declass to begin all of these releases?

MZ: No…in my opinion that’s just a sideshow to keep Trump from finishing and doing what he needs to be doing.

Member:  ITALIAN BANK ARTICLE LINK: Asset_Backed_Gold_Standard_Announced_In_Italian_N

Q:  One says we exchange in Private NAME ONLY, others say MUST Use a TRUST… do you have input? SOME close do not have a Trust and don’t want bank being ‘best friend’ in control… INPUT?

MZ: Our tax and banking structure is supposed to change.  Mr. C and I are exchanging into our own peivate names…..We feel for now that trusts can be highjacked….always find a professional with these questions  …..

Member:  Keep in mind a trust or LLC etc will make it a taxable event

MZ:  I do believe that exchanging into a trust or LLC will make a non-taxable event into a taxable event. That is why I will not be doing it.

Q:  how sure are you there will be no taxes on the exchanges????

MZ: Im about at a 95% sure there will be no taxes on this

Member:  Per Paris Agreement 2015, Countries agreed on ‘NO taxes for Currency Exchanges’

MZ: I have heard this also….

Q: Is tier 3 completed

MZ: I have done some digging and there are a few things we heard need to get done..we are in the tail end of 3 getting ready to go into 4

Q:  Mark… you have a Link from LAST Year?? Where the Gold Standard is being talked about, in this 1ST QRT. of 2019??…..

MZ:  Its old but good: for people who think we are nuts……when you find articles in well respected publictions you should feel free to share them.

Q:  Mark will we have some paperwork after exchange about taxes?

MZ:  Yes…I have heard we will get lots of paperwork when we exchange….bankers want this to happen very badly.

Q: do we need to bring currency receipts to our exchange apts?  Receipt invoice to prove date of purchase

MZ: I am taking every receipt I have.  Its better to take it and not need it then to get to the exchange and need it and don’t have it.

Q: How long with the Fed. Reserve and IRS be around..

MZ: I am hearing they getting everything done, closing their books  and wrapped up to be gone by October of this year. .

Q:  Will we get repaid…. When the fed IRS closes up

MZ: I am told we will get paid back through our Strawman accounts…anything from 1 to 6 months before they get those payments out…..Has to do with Nesara….I don’t follow this closely …Down the rabbit hole and I like to follow the real world information ….but I do hear we will be paid back.

Member:  You can do a google/browser search to find out about strawman… lots of info out there

Q: How much of NESARA do you believe is real, Mark. I just can’t believe that Congress would ever vote itself out of office. TY

Member:  Wikipedia says Gesara is a conspiracy!

Member:  Bill Clinton signed it and Mahue trapped the Clintons with CMKX (Sting) and the brokers… Ameritrade 1.8 billion/day

MZ: CMKX , the reset, Uranium 1, Nesara are all interconnected.. the Clintons fought this reset tooth and nail

MZ: Debt forgiveness for our economy makes sense . It’s the only way IMO to move from a debt based system to a Asset backed system…..They did it in Iceland…..As for voting themselves out of office…I hope we vote them out after disclosure ….when all this comes out to the people.

Q:  Do we still put the Dinar and Zim in separate accounts?

MZ:  I don’t know if we have to now…but im coming in as a CKMX shareholder so it may be different. Might be good to put Zim in a separate accounts as it may be structured.

Q:  your opinion on dela rue machine, or let them send it away, to be verified.

MZ: After talking to a treasury contact yesterday and a number of banking contacts…they told me to NOT LET OUR CURRENCY OUT OF OUR SIGHT…so that’s what I am going to do.

MZ:  I have to go get some real world work done…see you all tomorrow at 11AM EST.

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