In MarkZ 

Treasury contacts told me to tell you to keep your currency in your sight at all times…do your due diligence on everything…..keep your eyes on currency even at the bank when they are verifying it.  There are lots of rumors from banking side expecting it to start overnight tonight [Friday] and 800 numbers tomorrow or over the weekend.  But,  my banking contacts have been expecting it every day for a while now. …I feel doggone good about the month of March and really good about this weekend.

[Frank26..had stated a while ago that the 3 zero’s had already been deleted electronically?] I just take it as further proof things are moving over there…IF they are expecting new rates in the Gazette on Sat which IMO would mean we r done!  [We are not getting out of March without RV!] That is my belief…I do believe the RV is sooner than the 29th …We are in a perfect storm. [Any thoughts on rates?]  I think we may see close to $6 on the dinar and $2 on the dong. Just my thoughts.