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MarkZ Thursday Update –Notes by PDK –Highlights only-Not Verbatim

Did not take notes on trusts, c-corps or s-corps because of possible liabilities. You have to listen to replay for that info.

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: They are priming the pump and chose certain states and areas to test deliveries….We understand it went well so we are expecting to see a lot more F&P deliveries starting this evening….

We believe that Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado were the test states so far ……they will be sending out many packages tonight is our understanding….so they should be rolling out a much larger amount this evening.

I did not receive mine yet…but the day is young.

I’m so stinkin excited I would dance if I could

I understand that those of us who get the CMKX notification call…at that time tell them what kind of currencies –if any – that you also have.

Q:  GM BROTHER! I believe I heard you say some F&P’s Later this Evening? So with that…..what are your thoughts ON TIMING FOR RV at this Time??….

MZ:  If it were me- I would roll out the rest of the F&Ps tonight and tomorrow and I would do the Reset on Friday Night and the 800 numbers released on Sunday …Ideally the markets would all be closed….

As Mr. Mayheu said they reset on a Sat. Night and we wake up to all new rates on a Monday Morning……..Resets like weekends …My guess is we could start exchanges on Tuesday…..banking likes Tues-Th.

Q:   trying to understand CMKX can you just give me a couple of key points, please? Are is what I am reading on Google about the diamond shares correct?

Member:  CMKX started as a diamond exploration company that owned huge plots of land in Saskatchewan, Canada and was naked shorted into the ground as part of a sting. Bad guys got caught and paid up in the trillions from what we were told.

Q:  Mark you have stated that putting Dinar & Dong would make a non taxable event become taxable. Do we still put those in trusts pre- exchange,?

Member:  The only thing that is taxable is the interest or any proceeds that come from the investments from use of funds

Q:  ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: What about Brexit??

MZ:     We will learn a lot about this today. So much happening everywhere.  There may be some surprise votes coming in……Brexit wont change the reset…just may change how it rolls out.

Q:   Mark so we can set that trust up before we go to bank? But we want something that we can work with so we don’t have to move the exchanged currency into new trust after exchange

MZ:  We hear banks will absolutely have a skeleton trust for you all to use until you get whatever you decide to do set up

Member:  If you use the Bank Skeleton Trust you will have to make the bank a Trustee.

Q:  Mark will the cmkx trust be all I need? Can I use that for currencies?

MZ:  that’s what I plan to do. At this time. Its up to you whether or not you want to do something else.

Q:   Mark can you tell us the Currency in first basket rv. is there only 6? Our can you share?

MZ:  there are more then 6- closer to a dozen…

Q: Any news on Tier 4

MZ: We understand Tier 4 will release on Saturday.

Q:  any updates on Omega Packages being released?

MZ:   They go the same times as the F& Ps so keep your eyes out.

Q:  Mark, should/can we open a trust ( empty) ahead of time? Or at the time of our bank appointment?

MZ: I am opening mine at my exchange apt.

Q: Will you tweet out if more packages are delivered tonight.-coded message’

MZ: Great idea…..I will tweet something out like more Deliveries happening…or look for the postman

Q: Is it better to exchange in a group or on my own

MZ: I always heard its better in a group – but we will have to wait and see…..I understand that the banks are trying to be more standardized and level the playing field… there may not be a big difference…..we will just have to wait and see.

Q:  The 29th.. idk crap but Basel 3 deadline being the 29th kinda makes it the date to look at imo

MZ:  this is the Basel 3 deadline, the Brexit deadline, the BIS gold standard deadline……definently this should be our month. They really need the reset done before all this…2 weeks before…… so we are in the timeframe where the rubber hits the road.

Q: Any zim news.

MZ: I don’t know a lot about zim…..many more people are much more knowledgable then I..  I do hear there will be different rates depending on humanitarian projects.

Member:  zim they look for humanitarian projects is my understanding

Q:  wait! so on Zim if you take the international you can spend any personal amount?

MZ: That’s my understanding..

Member:  again if you’re using a revocable trust which will have potential tax consequences if the Zim is treated as a bond and taxed and you put your money in some sort of a structured payment vehicle, make sure that you have the bank sign an affidavit of fact stating that they will release any taxes due so that you don’t get into trouble with paying taxes that are tied up in the structured payment vehicle. If you Google affidavit of fact you can get a template and then you just hand write what you want…a Revokable trust

MZ: Due diligence is a very smart thing.

MZ: I understand our new bank accounts will be exceptionally safe…..your new bank accounts and your new wealth are not held at the banks…..they will be held at the new central bank.   As I understand it Our banks will be like a hotel concierge… our banks like BOA, WF ect…….will just be like that.  Your bank is your concierge to your account.  I am told all the services they offer you will be to make you safe and happy and keep your accounts with them .

Q:  QUESTION: Are STRUCTURED payouts going to be imposed JUST on the Zim or on ALL CURRENCIES?

Q:  whats the correlation between cmk and Reset. Is it just indicator that US is solvent now, they have funds to pay? Why if CMKX goes would they release reset immediately after?

MZ: That’s a good way to look at it….When Al Hodges wont the lawsuit when they beat the banks and the government it was tied to the reset because that was the only way the government could afford to pay all the F&Ps . So it is an indicator that the US is solvent and they need it for liquidity… settlements go first then the RV close behind.

Q: Do we need to ask for TRN’s?

MZ: No you should not have to ask…….we should all be exchanging into TRNs  ..and yes I have seen some of the new notes.

Q:  Mark are you concerned that when we exchange we will not be aware of all the new tax laws and consequences ?

MZ: Yes…that’s why I am going to use trusts….for extra protection.

Member:  Guys. Your gonna have plenary of money. A few 1000$ to settle everything SECURELY should not be an worry

MZ: They are going to jump through hoops to make us safe and happy……all your questions will be answered by the bank.

Member: Basel 3 stops the monetization of debt

MZ Exactly….Bam…..Fiat is the monetization of debt. It’s a monetary system based on our slavery.
Q:  Do Banks have a ceiling on the amount of deposits they guarantee?

MZ:  Make sure they are insured… sure to ask….if you need extra insurance…do it

Member:  I hear WF has hired 100s of PERSONAL WEATH MANAGERS. to help structure and help us all understand what we are moving into.

Member:  Chase opening 90 new banks

Q: Would you go out of state to exchange?

MZ: The last thing I want is my local banker telling everyone how much I just deposited…so yes I am thinking about exchanging where I can be anonymous and for security reason.  I think it’s a really good idea. Be sure to have a zipcode for where you want to exchange handy when you call to make an apt.

Member:   in my opinion when you go to exchange or go in for cmkx ask them for a security expert who will help you live a safer life. one of the first things that I’m going to do is up my insurance on my car and increase the umbrella insurance on my home. but they have experts that can help you with securing your online presence basically getting rid of an online presence if you want that and security for your home family etc that will be one of the benefits of having the amount of money you will have.

MZ: They will be able to help us all so much…….have a lot of questions ready.

Member:  Remember: some of the bank perks aren’t free… ask

Member:  Remember you don’t get what you don’t ask for…… so ask

Member:  so you can actually ask to have all those fees waived asked you just have to keep a certain amount in the bank to get that ask ask ask

Member:  if you’re going to wind up being a part of the family office where you’re going to pay a percentage of assets under management… any perk or benefit should be free so ask ask ask

Member:  DELEGATE your task and concerns to YOUR FINANCIAL TEAM for the BANK

Member:  a family office basically manages every aspect of your funds and as much of your life as you want for a percentage of assets under management

Member:  Let’s remember that when fractional reserve banking-IRS-Fed Res goes down, there will be a totally different landscape. Hence all the previous precautionary measures will lessen. It’s a new dawn.

MZ: It will be a whole different world out there for us all

Q: Does Trump have Dinar?

MZ: I hear he has millions invested…huge numbers…….Warren Buffet also bought a bunch …millions….a number of years ago.

Q: Will you release 800 numbers?

MZ: I will find a bank that will take you guys …I have banks reaching out to me wanting your business.  …..and I will give you what I can. They don’t want to list numbers ahead of time……not until it all is released

Q:  Mark are you at all concerned about the stalling out because the deliveries were a test?

MZ: Im not worried at this time….something would have to be really bad to stall anything at this point.

If I get any big news I will be back tonight…….If not I will see you all tomorrow morning.

PDK: there was so much info I recommend everyone listen to the call.

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