Remember Trump had said he wanted the reset in the first quarter of 2019…which is almost over. [Does potus press the button for the rv to start] No he does not- Is he in charge of making sure the US is prepared? Yes. [So Trump and Warren Buffet have dinar?] Yes…and if anyone thinks you are crazy – point this out that 2 of the most knowledgeable investors around think this was a solid investment. [You still think we wont pay taxes on our exchanges?] I defiantly still think there will be no taxes on the exchange.

If things play out like we think…..maybe 800 numbers on Sunday Night. …Banks do want you all to exchange with them so they will be anxious to have you come in and exchange with them. I feel they will give you the best rates possible to keep you with them. Remember if anything big happens I will come back and let you know.