Markz Tuesday Update – Highlights by PDK – Not Verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Some news overnight …mostly rumors……saying we may see our F&P releases this afternoon and tomorrow……I consider this a rumor until I can see verifications of this…….

My friends in Reno have been told SKR’s will go by tomorrow….The banks are expecting things to go tomorrow….they have been there over 2 weeks now living out of suitcases…….The banks paid them to go out.

I have a friend who was called to go to his apt Wed. Morning….we all hope he gets to go…….

If the releases happen tonight and tomorrow I would guess 800 numbers on Thursday….maybe?

We are definently watching around the clock all week long….so many people say we are there. The news is pretty solid.

Q:   I am curious if have talked about how we as Tier 4 could be affected by the value drop of the USD as we transition over from fiat, and how we might mitigate that so that we don’t lose a lot of our blessing because of it? Any thoughts?

MZ:   I hear we have until OCT to exchange your fiat for the new asset backed currency……not worried about losing  any part of our funds at all because of it.

Q:  did you really say, release this afternoon?

MZ:  That’s what we are being told……I started getting loads of massages saying this already today….Messages started coming in at 4AM…

Q:   Recently heard that the Central Banks have bought Trillions in Gold to back the Fiat currency or a new Dollar Is this BS?

MZ:   This is absolutely true….

Q: What are the chances of CMKX payouts at this point..

MZ: 100%  the question is when…..I still believe it will be in the month of March

Q:  I hear the stock market needs to crash to start everything

MZ:  I think it needs to correct . I think about 40%.  We are moving from a debt based system to an asset backed system . This is a rare time in history. So we will be going back to a system with real value. So I expect a good 40% correction …some things will go up and some things will go down until everything balances.

Q:   Have you heard that IRANIAN Influence is still a factor of holding up the reinstatement and monetary reform?

MZ:  Yes I have heard that in the past…….the concern in Iran was if they were going to continue to sponser terror……I think that has been handled now.

Q:  Is it POSSIBLE….that the Notifications for THE 800’s, could POP BEFORE You start REALLY Hearing about CMKX and PP’s Going out??……

Mark: I don’t thinks so , but believe the 800 numbers could go within hours after that….i really hope I have to come in with an emergency call tonight because something happened.

Q: Are they waiting for the Mueller report?

MZ: I don’t think so.

Q: An article from Franks forum says Abadi may be coming back and replacing Mahdi soon.

MZ: I always thought Abadi would be back. Frank26 gets his info from people straight from Iraq.

Member:  Frank says Shabbibi will be back to prepare the IQD RI for a reinstatement

MZ: There is so much info in Iraq that they do not report here…so much misinformation…..I think Shabibi will swoop in and help out at the end.

Q: Are your contacts in the CBI?

MZ: My contacts work closely with the CBI. What makes most sense to me is an RI (re-instatement) of the old rate  and then let it float up to correct for inflation. My person on the ground in Iraq- as of yesterday says the new rate is not posted in the Gazette yet.

Member:  I’ve heard rumors that when this happens and hits 4X that could drive the value up to as much as $8 and then it would settle back to where it should be. what’s your opinion on that

MZ: I absolutely agree with that….When Kuwait released…I think around $2.50 and the rate drove up to over $9….With this RI in Iraq- I think there would be a more structured increase. With this exchange with Iraq … it will be for oil credits.

Q: The Brexit and Basel deadlines are coming up by the 29th…..So you think all this will go before this chaos?

MZ: Yes I think so …or during the chaos.

Member:  I watched “The End of the Road” last evening… Eye Opening…

Member:  Not for nothing, but the “value drop” should be a value increase as we move from Toilet Paper to gold.

MZ: Fiat currency is toilet paper…lol

Q:  The fed are back against the wall now. They are having a meeting today !!

Member: I heard the QFS has been online since 3AM this morning

Q:  Has Tiers 1,2 and 3 been paid out?

MZ: I have very solid proof that some have been paid…just not all of them

Q:  Mark where does the government get the money to pay for the judgements against them?

MZ: That’s why they need the reset…..Our government has a lot of dinar and dong

Member:  Any day this week would be wonderful! Any day before the end of March would work too!!!


MZ: Zero hedge is one of my favorite sites to visit

MZ: If anything big happens today I will send a tweet and be back tonight…..if not I will update you all tomorrow morning….

PDK:  Please listen to replay. There was a lot of information today and Mark speaks really fast.

Replay for Tuesday 3-19-19


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