In MarkZ

I am hearing very encouraging things…they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we may see the release…it could be perfect timing. What if they let this thing go on say…April 12th or 13th…somewhere around there. We hear the US is on some type of lock-down until May 1st. So that could be the perfect timing giving us 2 weeks to get done with exchanges. What would make the most sense to me is for martial law to kick in  sometime soon and stay in effect until May 1st. So we will have an extra level of security and safety when we start hitting the banks and redemption centers…just imo. They are keeping the banking side ramped up with the imminent rumors so that they are ready when it does finally go…no one knows the exact timing…all we can do is piece it together based on our contacts, what we are hearing. There is a very small group who know the actual timing on all of this. For obvious reasons they don’t tell us…All we can do is keep hope alive.